Collected thoughts on card design

I’m pretty sure the merchant will have something to the effect of “we do not take responsibility for items left” in the same way they do with bags in a cloakroom.

In which case, who?

Of course if you don’t tell them they don’t know and might just refund in full, but if it’s a large amount they will ask and as I’ve said, so far more evidence suggests banks will not look fondly on you leaving your card unsecured behind a bar with strangers and not to mention access for anyone broadly and would not pay out.

I see you’ve never been through a PCI investigation :slight_smile: I assure you that wouldn’t wash.

I have, and I can tell you the amount of investment the business had to go through to sustain its ability to continue trading was huge. I’m talking about locks being changed, processes being modified to descope, investment in compliant but technologically less advanced equipment - all had to be evidenced as installed so the infosec firm would sign off that we had regained compliance. So many changes to our physical presence even though the cause of the PCI incident was completely unrelated to any of the physical changes we had to make!

They definitely would not accept a point to a boilerplate notice on the wall as an acceptable descope such that they’re ‘not liable to what happens to your card when we take it from you’.

I have not been through admittedly, but so far there’s little to no evidence that this would be refunded in most cases, and as I’ve said before a little more evidence that banks would challenge this.

We’ll have to agree to disagree!

Is leaving cards anywhere a thing any more?

Usually it’s a pay/take details so we can charge if we need to.

If you did decide to leave it somewhere, it’ll most probably fall under negligence on customer part (few situations may be considered otherwise IE the instance of vulnerable customers)

Negligence and vulnerable are not the same, let’s stick with negligent for this topic of pool halls or museums.

If the merchant abused the card details that’s where chargebacks/disputes come into play.

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When I started my PhD my card was cloned somewhere and I started getting loads of random spending on mobile phone top ups etc. The first question the fraud people at TSB asked me was “did the card leave your sight at anytime?” Of course it hadn’t. But I assume if I had said yes they would have told me to do one and not refunded me the cash. at that point only about £200 pounds had been taken. They said there was a pending transaction for £3000 on my account. (Although jokes on them because at that point in my life I didn’t have access to £3000 :joy:)

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Very rarely but it can happen still.

Vets4pets, as recently as 2018, would require an imprint of your credit card for any out of hours stuff. If your card is not embossed, you had to leave it with them. They won’t treat your pet otherwise. Prior to moving here, I’ve always had to leave my credit card with vets for out of hours emergency treatments.

I think we discussed this ages ago in the Monzo Flex thread!


Yeah I remember you saying, still crazy :sweat_smile: can’t they just take a card machine :melting_face:

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BNP France has a Gold biometric card available, for the price of €50.

I might give it a try when I go to France later this year

Imagine their confusion at you leaving a frozen, numberless Chase card with them.


Clearly they would identify you as a charlatan. Obviously every card must at least have numbers printed on it even if they’re not embossed :rofl:

Just seen this and it seems like something we’d do around here :laughing:


Love that blue one!


I was going to say the same!


The limited edition SAB Cashback credit card by Saudi Awwal Bank (and also the standard design).


As requested, here are the ‘highlights’ of my dad’s debit/credit card collection

We have:

The Hilton Honours credit card,

TAP Victoria Gold AMEX (Discontinued in 2018 when AMEX left Portugal - succeeded by the TAP Miles&Go Classic, Gold and Platinum mastercards)

Millennium BCP (International) Prestige debit card, and finally the HSBC Gold and the old-school Premier card.

I have my little collection which I will post soon.

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You’re lucky. My dad don’t let me near his cards!

Here are my Lloyds collection’s old and new designs for credit and debit cards.


Didn’t know if anyone had popped the reverse of the new printed card. Exactly the same as plus, but hot coral. No signature strip now either.


Does anyone have a photo of a real life RBS or NatWest Reward Black credit card? Does it look as nice as the Premier debit cards? I’ve seen the design on the RBS website.

I think @WhyAydan has the rewards black RBS credit card.