Collected thoughts on card design

It’s not really private baking though is it.

Same mobile app as RBS and no branch. Well there is a branch but only for actual private baking customers who operate on a different sort code.

Most people don’t even know what Drummond’s is, opposed to say Coutts which is more prominent.


Yeah Yeah, I know it’s not private banking. But just having it on the card looks cool. People in my family all have got Official Private Bank Accounts and Cards but just having one that says its on it feels sorta cool you know.

I have HSBC Premier but that’s the nearest I am at the moment to proper Private Banking.

My Father is with Coutts and UBS. He has been with Coutts for like 20 years and UBS for 5 years or so.

My Mother is with Coutts & HSBC Private. She has been with them for like umm 15 years or something like that.

My brother has got HSBC Private in Canada.

I hope to one day be eligible for the Private Banking but I don’t see that happening anytime soon unless I join the family business which I don’t plan on.


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Trust me it’s not.

I have told them many times to get rid of them. As I don’t really see the appeal of them

:sweat_smile: You impose your banking preferences on your family?




Ummm well no but also yes sometimes. My dad listened to me and got UBS and he has loved it so i mean…

My brain makes no sense. I blame all this revision tbf

I’m curious though, so say your family have a Coutts account or Drummonds account… what is the downside to them using it?

Probs wealth management tbh. Don’t see any other major perks to “private” banking and maybe better rates on things like mortgages and loans

But where’s the downside is more my query.

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There isn’t any, think coutts has like a £900 fee as well

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Coutts charge me a fee per product I hold with them , so they charge a fee for their sole account and another fee for their joint account.

It’s basically good if you have high lending requirements £1M+ which I do have, so being able to talk to someone about my requirements is so beneficial.

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Lemme guess property market? Is the fee around £900 still

Yes, it’s £900 per year, per account and/or product held.

Damn that’s a fair amount

Can’t say any bank charges me an account fee but I think most of my accounts makes at least $100k plus revenue pa for banks across all of their divisions.

I have paid for research access in the region of 5000 (post-mifid) and some banks will charge user fees for transactional online banking (fortunately haven’t had to pay for those)

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Hi, just wondering if anybody had any experience with the Payz Plus card? Seems very interesting given it’s a Diners Club offering in the UK, I’m interested in signing up for the discounted airport lounge access

Oh no is this gonna be another card I want lol the notch is looking fancy

How reputable is this brand? Another one I never heard of