Collected thoughts on card design

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Did you apply for the BOC credit card too?

How easy was the application?

BOC was sluggish. (see: Bank of China (UK) - #6 by NanoOp)

ICICI is proper easy on the app and instant. You do have to print and scan a signature mandate though.

ICICI nor BOC support Apple/Google wallets though.

Just trying to censor my details, Photoshop on iOS is rubbish.

Was BOC a paper application? Did you find it easy to apply or did they ask a load of questions?

I’m interested to apply for the BOC credit card.

Within the link it’ll show you all of this, it is a branch visit to fill out paper and have photocopies taken, with ID photocopies taken too. They require source of funds beforehand for any money that will be deposited, i.e salary would be employment contract.


I’m not seeing any picture of the card

Edit to add: It’s there now.

Thanks for posting this.

Oops, I was removing EXIF data.

Does anyone have any suggestion how I can get a nicer, more realistic photo?

Do they offer credit products too?

The app interface any good?



BOC seems too much effort


I’m almost certain we should move this chatter to the respective threads

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We can see the whole card number and expiry, enough to buy stuff off Amazon FYI @NanoOp

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Remove the photo with the back of the card visible.


Sunday night drama

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wouldn’t be this forum without it, :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s everyone’s favourite and least favourite card designs?

My favourite would still be the Santander debit card. Least favourite is probably the NatWest debit card just for those colours. The purple RBS version actually looks quite nice

Favourite is BOC, I just wish it worked via Apple Pay. Least favourite is Santander, the signature strip looks terrible.

I think Chase is probably the classiest of the ones I’ve had. The Nationwide ones are still good quality. Lloyds was a real disappointment.
Edit: RBS is good quality and nice-looking too.