Collected thoughts on card design

Assuming they ditch the Child & Co branding they will just end up moving it over to standard RBS. The only remnant would be the sort code I guess.

It’s my view that if they had an intention of removing the branding they would have done so a very long time ago.

But I guess only time will tell.

I cross-linked to the correct thread. It’s not the most straightforward to do but we should try to keep things tidy where possible.

Anyway, card design! It’s been a while since I added anything new to my collection and I have an itch.

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I’m hoping some more switching deals appear soon. I should be eligible for HSBC/FD, TSB, Barclays or Santander. The last time I had an HSBC card it said Midland Bank on the top and looked like this:



Come to think of it, I did also have one of these in the early 90s:



My first bank card was like this from memory… Just remember it being blue with maestro and switch logos.

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No i did HSBC in the end!

Ah fair enough.

Wonder if these will actually exist in the UK (other than the trials) Mastercard Biometric Payment Card | Fingerprint Authentication

Bring back this!

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What’s the point now that we have all the ’Pays?

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Guessing for contactless payments over a certain value it adds extra protection if you don’t have your phone?

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I’m just pondering the size of the disconnect between being worried about exif data, and not batting an eyelid in giving your personal banking data to a communist state–run corporation.



Apropos of your username: ”Chequebook Jerry!”


We give our data to the Western governments and security agencies constantly. There is an odd disconnect in that people assume we are inherently better than them.

Besides, “they’ve” all my personal info anyway. (If we are going down that line)


China doesn’t have GDPR is the short response to that.

China actively monitors its citizens and does inhumane things with those whose politics and religion it doesn’t like, is the bigger response.

China is very different to UK and EU governments and anyone who thinks they’re remotely similar is objectively wrong.


It’s not that odd really. There are far more protections in the UK and Europe than in China. I’m surprised this has to be said.


The card could be gold plated and I still wouldn’t sign up to a Chinese bank.


Security agencies don’t follow that. Mass surveillance networks and programmes don’t follow that.

Would love one of these!