Collected thoughts on card design

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Plus point of Visa is perhaps… Customers using their debit card will now be able to enjoy international purchase with cash back.

What? They’ve gone back? How weird

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I opened a new NatWest current account yesterday and this morning was able to add my new debit card to Apple Pay…. It’s a Visa debit, although still shows the pink purple yellow version of the card design.

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Yeah, they aren’t the best at keeping designs up to date. Maybe fill out the feedback form on their site, but my experience is nothing will happen anyway.


Thanks for the Heads-Up on the T212 card. It would probably have passed me by otherwise.

Took me ages to locate in the app where to join the waitlist but have now done so.

March isn’t that far away - will be interesting to see how quickly they ship the cards.

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Where in the app is it? I had to do it on the website/Twitter link.

EDIT: I see it now, had to update the app.

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This is suggesting if you had a Mastercard you’ll still continue to get one. If your cards still visa you’ll still get a Visa card.

Very strange. If there were people still with Visa and hadn’t been sent a Mastercard yet I could understand to a degree them staying on Visa, but not new customers too. Surely this will make things more complicated for them than they need it to be?

Odd indeed.

As I said I had a RBS masterCard shed card on my account which I switched out. Then I applied for another account within the RBS app and they sent me a visa this time.

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Isn’t it all about market share?

I don’t know the figures but I’m sure there’s rules about who can offer how many etc under CMA?

Visa may also have said we can give you a good deal if you take us back, and possibly undercut Mastercard costs somewhat.

Wholly guessing as it is a bit of a wild move.


Aren’t there different internal systems that are unique to each network though that staff would need to be trained on? And there must be technology changes between them based on the fact first direct cards don’t work in HSBC since switching from Visa to Mastercard so must be something that makes them incompatible. So would imagine there’d be costs involved with supporting both, depends I guess if any offer from Visa was enough to outweigh that.

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I never thought about that.

Always assumed it was an easy integration if places like the Post Office can make deposits using your bank card regardless of visa/mastercard and cash machines. But I guess they use a basic system or connecting system that only allows withdrawals and deposits

The FD/HSBC situation isn’t unique. I remember turning up at a National Bank of Australia ATM with a big sign saying ‘all NAB cards accepted’. Just not my one!

That said, it is strange that the Post Office can manage it when HSBC can’t recognise an FD MasterCard as one of their own.

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I read ages ago somewhere that the Post Office setup was based upon the Link ATM scheme, and that deposits made in the PO were just reverse ATM withdrawals, and withdrawals a standard Link ATM transaction. It’s probably also why you can’t get any account specific or bank specific features - like mini statements, credit card payments but can get the available balance.

Re. the FD/HSBC issue I suspect there’s some sort of software they didn’t update or develop to enable the Mastercards to be recognised as HSBC cards and “talk” to the backend systems, since HSBC only uses Visa for their debit cards in the UK (HSBC UK, M&S Bank, formerly FD). Interestingly, on their HK website all of the debit cards are Mastercard.

There’s certainly something in the card or software platform that enables an HSBC ATM to know it is an HSBC card and to display the appropriate client options (such as deposit, mini statement, link to your HSBC credit cards etc). Likewise with any other bank - I noticed Nationwide have an “NBS ATM” and asociated AID in the chip of the card when I made a deposit and it was printed on the receipt.

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That can’t be correct or the Post Office wouldn’t be able to accept deposits for Starling accounts, because Starling isn’t a Link member. You can only use Starling cards at ATMs displaying the MasterCard sign, not if they are solely Link ATMs.

Yes, but usually all HSBC ATMs recognise all HSBC cards as their own. So, for instance I was able to withdraw money using a FD savings account from an ATM in Hong Kong and in other overseas HSBC machines. Said card said you couldn’t use it overseas but you certainly could, though only in HSBC machines. Don’t think that it’s just because it’s a MasterCard that the FD cards won’t work now. Has anyone tried them in an overseas HSBC machine?

True, but for some time now you’ve been able to get balances in ATMs so I think something changed a few years back to enable that as it used to be a Link function so wouldn’t work if your card wasn’t Link (I.e. just V/MC on it).

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I think we’ll get a Chase CC sometime within the next couple of months, and got me wondering if they’ll use a basic design again for their CCs. Not even sure if they’ll bring out cashback or Ultimate Rewards points, but probably cashback.

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Just arrived