Collected thoughts on card design

@Carlcouk any update on the new RBS debit card design?

At least it looks slightly like the card I guess. NatWest Rewards CC is a purple card with red band, and Apple Pay is still bright teal…

I’m sure this has come up before, that’s the old “NatWest Credit Card” design (the low interest 0% fx fee one), I still don’t know why that design would ever be showing up for the Rewards card as that was blue before.

Yes I got my replacement card today?


Don’t mind that either tbh, though I wish they’d kept the blue branding and had a blue version of this. I think it looks better than the NatWest one as it’s all one colour.

I think instead of going purple across the entire group, they could have had a separate colour palette for each region, but unified design concepts. That would balance consistency within the group with distinctive regional branding. At this point they may as well just merge all 3 banks into one.

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I wonder what they’ll do with Ulster bank cards

Yeah, I’ve previously mentioned it. I’m just saying that natwest was told a while ago, and they still haven’t fixed it.

Good riddance, beach hut, you won’t be missed.

I do hope they don’t touch Ulster cards…


December 2023 - Card Collection.


Nice. The new Nationwide cards really show how much nicer they are here.

Looks like you skipped a design iteration of the Nationwide cards? They had single colour ones with the modern flat logo.

There’s a few Visa cards in there :person_shrugging:.

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Nice! What’s the Hyperjar card that is confused about its identity (horizontal MC logo with vertical jar) towards the middle? I only have the one in the bottom row.



Is this the HSBC Zing? How did you sign up? Does it offer a physical card?

Edit: seen the other thread now.

Sign up takes about 5 mins. The usual fintech scan your ID and swivel your head type of thing. No mention of matching my details to HSBC records. First card delivery is free.

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Online it said that Zing would be invite only at first. Have found a way around that?

No invite list, just download the app and off you go :slight_smile:

What’s the URL?

Zing brings up articles but not the site, zing HSBC shows results for ring HSBC and zing bank brings up and articles about the app, doesn’t come up on the play store for me either.