Collected thoughts on card design

I quite like the HSBC vertical cards, though I do agree that the portrait lion design was also nice.

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Nationwide emailed me to ask if I wanted to supplant my newly–arrived old design debit card with a new design one. I had to transfer an invite code from the email to an online form on Nationwide’s website.

New card en route.


I’m just waiting for the third of the three CA cards – then I’ll need to find a branch because I stupidly closed my saver

Not me. I made sure the card was not frozen and it worked first time,

Hi !
Does anyone have an example of what the back of a physical frost card looks like?
You can show me (hide personal information), very interesting design of the card, but I can’t see anywhere what the back side looks like! thanks to all



Not really what the card looks like though. Similar but not the same colours


This image keeps popping up, 100% Chase are going to update their Apple Pay designs and possibly their physical design. At first I thought it was a fluke or something but I have a feeling we’re looking at the new Debit Card image for Chase

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Branding moved to the left, and then debit written to the right.

Not a huge overhaul but would make it much clearer when they launch their credit card.


Like the simplicity of the current one I’ll be honest though




They’re rather plain. But I like the simplicity of them to be honest.


Look just like FD cards really

They don’t look the best, but they look better than the old ones. The old Nationwide ones look so dated…

Having received mine, the Nationwide design has a bit too much blank space.

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Might not be interesting as some of the cards other banks are offering but at least they look a lot more modern. Shame the same can’t be said for Barclays…

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The latest addition to my collection. I was originally pretty underwhelmed when I saw the card in apple wallet but I have to say that the gold embossing absolutely sold me on this card :star_struck: I’ve tried to leave a little bit of embossing unobfuscated so you guys can see


They should have left the debit cards like that and just slapped the Mastercard logo on it.

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I’ve seen renders of those old debit cards and I didn’t really like them. But I suppose it would’ve looked like the non-gold credit card with debit instead of credit, which at least sounds more interesting than the current debit card

That’s exactly what it looked like. The debit and credit cards were so similar that a lot of customers complained they had difficulty in telling them apart. The words debit and credit on them didn’t stand out very well and were easily missed…

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