Collected thoughts on card design

Yeh I know because I didn’t want you thinking im a weirdo for only being 14 & asking on here🤣

Santander has the least restrictions, Lloyds/Halifax/BOS block various MCCs if you want to buy alcohol/whatever. Barclays would not allow you to make new payees.

RBS/NatWest don’t block payments based on age, but you’d not be able to make any new payees.

To recap, Barclays/RBS/NatWest/Metro Bank block new payees for you until you’re 16+ without going to branch.

HSBC’s application process would be a ballache.

I’d recommend you take a look at Santander as a stop-gap and then shift to Monzo/Starling upon turning 16.

Santander also are lenient on ID depending on what you’ve got.

hope this helps… P.s Nationwide could suffice until you’re Monzo/Starling-ready :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the workaround?

Come to think of it, I always wondered why Barclays went cobrand-only in the US. Seems like the only things fully Barclaycard-branded are older legacy products or accounts that were converted after a co-brand relationship ended.

Hard to tell but it does have a really sleek texture to it. I also had no idea it’d be embossed until it arrived.


That’s nice and sleek

That card is as “black” as the British passport is “blue” :face_with_peeking_eye:

It’s much more black in person – somewhere between my picture and the one I originally replied to. I wanted to make sure the texture was picked up.

This is like the situation with the TSB card I posted. On persons it’s het black. In the picture I took it apparently seemed blue/dark blue to people. It must be down to how the camera is processing the images… :thinking:

Seen the RBS black credit card.

Anyone have or seen any of the other rbs credit cards? Legit never seen any on here before

I tried applying for one a couple of weeks ago, but they kept rejecting my photo ID (driving licence/passport) as they said the name on them didn’t match the name on my current account. It transpired that the latter doesn’t have my middle name on it, so now I have to make a trip to a branch with my debit card and ID and get them to add my middle name before I can reapply.

What one were you applying for out of curiosity

The standard “Purchase & Balance Transfer credit card” (from within the app).

0% for 17 months from account opening on purchases
0% for 17 months from account opening on balance transfers made within the first 3 months

They declined a bunch of my payments so I’ve just closed it. Not worth the plastic it’s printed on.

In other news, isn’t Anna meant to be “meow”? When have they changed to “woof”?


The card meows, the woof is for when invoices are paid.


What kind of payments? I’ve had the card frozen due to fraud concerns abroad once or twice

An Apple preorder via Apple Pay and then subsequently literally anything I tried, even other merchants via Apple Pay.

RBS just claimed that nothing’s wrong after querying it so just asked them to close it. Not worth the hassle. You also can’t make card payments to it it needs to be DD or direct transfer.

Annoying. You can settle a bill with open banking now.