Collected thoughts on card design

According to here Child & Co | NatWest Group Heritage Hub Child & Co closed in 2022 - so it looks like brand has been discontinued.

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The branch is closed, but they still send a branded card and statements if you open an account at the old sort code with the special form.

Seeing as they kept that card design even when RBS changed to the beach hut, and also kept it when switching from Visa to Mastercard, I would have thought they’d keep it now too.


They won’t axe Child & Co or Drummonds. They both have much more important clientele than some fintech enthusiasts wanting to ponce around with a different card; and I imagine the law societies and other important heavyweights might feel a little upset at losing their centuries old banks.

That said one day we might lose out on the cards but that’s unlikely still given the same sort codes are used by old money.


Odd is all that it’s now listed as a heritage brand, the page was only updated end of January to reflect, whereas Drummonds has been left as is. Maybe the page is referencing the branch only rather than the use of the brand.

Messrs Drummond (c.1712-date), established in London, is part of NatWest Group (Messrs Drummond | NatWest Group Heritage Hub)

Child & Co (c.1640s-date), established in London, was part of NatWest Group (Child & Co | NatWest Group Heritage Hub) changed in Jan 2023 from is to was


Ironically, the RBS debit card design before the beach hut was purple of sorts.

We need to have like a biannual poll to decide which card design we like the best, then in the new year a poll between those 2 to find the ultimate card design of that year…


Has anyone tested the form to check all is well?

The form is there but that’s as far as I’m willing to go. Unless I want a beach hut?

I don’t have a Child card - but I’d probably rather leave it a while before I opened another one with RBS

I’m conflicted. I’m currently just a Child & Co. customer, but maybe I should nab a hut in case they disappear. I’d never believe RBS would redesign again so soon after the shed, but then its previous design lasted months, if not weeks (if not days!)

I might get a beach hut too, but maybe wait until after my Ulster switch paid out? I wouldn’t want anything coming up with my long and arduous process of switching if NWG questioned opening accounts so close together.

Hopefully it won’t be too late by then!

New Lloyds card


Regular account?

Idk, the picture is from social app, I think is regular account

Two weeks ago they were still sending the old horse. Now I’m mad I switched the last active account I had but c’est la vie

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These might be my second and third favorite card designs (on cards I’ve had) ever. Shame they’ve imploded last week :sweat_smile:


And the correct way up for vertical wallets!


If you’re a chip down kind of guy. For me this is upside down.

Nice metal card but weird chip.

Chip down should be standard for vertical wallets.


It’s the right way around for most card terminals here tho.