Collected thoughts on card design

No, just the Platinum Cashback card, sadly, which is plastic.


What is wrong with you?


New addition to the club! The real one is, unfortunately, made of plastic, but I think it’s a pretty solid design nonetheless and I really like it


Similar benefits to BA amex in uk?

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Somewhat similar. Instead of a voucher, they offer Flying Blue XP to get your over the next tier quicker, but not quite enough to go to the first status tier either. (Flyingblue is a convoluted loyalty program too, but that’s a different discussion). You get the usual discounts and credits for inflight wifi on AF-KLM flights.
It’s a decent offering, and I would rather they offered status on the BA one than a voucher to be honest.


I think they meant design, it looks really similar.

BA couldn’t really offer much status past Bronze for Amex holders. The next tier up gets you global OneWorld lounge access which is probably too much for the sheer number of BA Amex holders.

The 241 Companion Voucher is a very valuable perk for a UK credit card.

My replacement just arrived after I ordered my replacement on the 11th because my dog ate the card and I got the new design.

The core is white. Feels a better quality than the old platinum card, but still generally quite poor. Idk what it is about the card, but something about it’s design creates the illusion of it being smaller. It’s not smaller, I’ve measured it against my child and co card, but it looks substantially smaller. Almost like I’ve swapped from a regular iPhone to the mini one.

They’ve just sent me a new-style replacement for my Barclaycard Rewards card which expires next month. I also thought it looked smaller but, as you say, it’s an illusion :slight_smile:


Monzo cards are not the most durable. I always use :apple: :watch: :iphone: wallet. There has been the odd occasion where I have used my physical card for :pound:. To illustrate my point the cards in this image were all issued around the same time and have all sat idly in my wallet… coughs neon replacement

I had hoped to replace my :monzo::heavy_plus_sign: :monzocard: with a shiny new :juicy: :sunshine: :disco::eyes: alas my friends are already Monzo account holders or simply don’t care enough about my happiness… :joy:


God that’s a lot of emojis


Better… Virgin Money credit card white design


How did they swap it? Did you just ask?


I led them to believe I did not select the teal one during my application :shushing_face:. They were fine with it and I think they’d swap card designs if you ask.


Your :monzo: :monzocard: slot in your wallet must be made of sandpaper :spiral_notepad: for that to rub off or you used :nail_care: varnish remover :crazy_face:

I don’t speak fluent Emoji like you and @Remi so I hope I hit the nail :pushpin: on the :face_with_head_bandage: head with that :peace_symbol: :love_you_gesture: :partying_face: :monzopride: :vibration_mode:


Cheeky chap :flushed: you :speaking_head: using emoji like no other! :joy:

*re-post accidentally deleted reply


I like to get involved :stuck_out_tongue:

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Has anyone got any photos of HSBC cards?

There are plenty of photos of them online if you search in Google and select Images.

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Prefer the Revolut Pro.

Shame the monzo card has raised numbers :melting_face:


You got a side hustle started?

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