Collected thoughts on card design

If you still have your old card to compare to, you should be able to check this on the back. Usually in the top right corner.

My Revolut card (the one I’m thinking of when comparing to the Monzo plus card) is one of the newer ones with the Apple Card inspire layout orientation. I do like the card and it’s definitely among my favourites. I much prefer the orientation (chip on the bottom right) too.

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The card design in the NatWest app has a great little animation now when it’s frozen (incidentally the card controls are much more granular than Monzo) but my point is the card design makes use of a series of red blocks, and it really looks much better than the actual debit card!

Edit: Have found an image. When you freeze the card, the smaller blocks all separately jiggle into the large block, which then drops down to the bottom of the card, and turns blue.


I quite like the blue design actually:

I think NatWest have really made their app quite nice. I haven’t been on it for quite some time.

What does their card look like in real life? I’ve tried looking online but I’m still not sure which is the current one.

Finally decided it was worth it to upgrade Nationwide Flex Direct to Flex Plus, and I must admit I do like the card.
Much less fussy than either the Flex Direct and the standard Flex Account cards.

Also received my new Select credit card which I’m pleased to say is still the same design and not that horrible “Member” card.

Can I ask what you mean by “less fussy”?






Just my personal opinion, but I find the FlexPlus and the Select cards look neater than the others.

I do prefer the logo on those cards. The others seem to have a slightly outdated logo. However, I do think the cards look better in person. I have the FlexAccount card and the blue looks a lot better and the lighter blue strip isn’t actually there (I assume it is meant to be some sort of light thing as the card is quite “shiny”.

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Very true, the stock pics don’t really do any of the cards justice.
The select credit card is actually a bright silver, and not grey as it looks there.

Unless they’ve changed them again.


Is that braille as well as the notch?

It could be? I don’t know what it means if it is.

It’s not a specific Braille character but I guess it also helps identify which way the card is. I really hate NatWest card designs though…

I don’t hate them… I’ve seen much worse. I didn’t like it when they removed the raised numbers but I’ve accepted that’s where cards are going now.

But credit to them for going above and beyond helping anyone visually impaired :+1:


I’m not sure how I feel about the card. It isn’t bad but something bothers me about it for some reason. I prefer how the card looks in the NatWest app to be honest.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on a wooden debit card which was an idea from @Smudgebud where also there could be a way to implement planting trees when you order this card (there could be a small fee for example like £1)

Second thought alongside @N26throwaway is a Translucent type Frosted White Monzo Premium card which is plastic as a alternative of a card replacement instead of paying £50

What’s is everyone’s thoughts

TSB has launched a new Spend & Save Plus account with a new card.

I do prefer the darker blue but I’m not a fan of the “Spend & Save Plus” writing.

From Open A Bank Account Online | Current Bank Accounts | TSB Bank


@peter_G mentioned the GoHenry offering a few posts above :point_up:

Here is more information. The biodegradable card is basically made from processed field corn:


That’s quite a good offering coming from TSB. I wonder if you could get payments taken out of the Savings Pots as well.

Some people might also be interested in that £100 fee free overdraft too.