Collected thoughts on card design

I had the black and hated it. The gold is :heart:


They do


Did you get the 24K gold plate that one. My brother has it, it looks stunning

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Na just the standard :sweat_smile: I’d never take the real one out.

Who remembers these designs from hfx


Don’t think Santander is famed for being cutting edge but you would think they would update their mobile wallet designs by now, their portrait card designs are really nice imo

The credit design is especially bad


Just saw their new card on the Samsung Wallet website, despite it not being the design in app.

Ah nice - gives some hope it might be updated if they’ve made it at least

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Removing it and re-adding it will usually pull in the updated design (and also lose the transaction log in Apple Pay). Otherwise the designs get pulled in periodically I think so should update eventually.

Just got a new phone and uploaded my cards in both google and samsung pay and neither has the new design. I assume they’ll update them soon, but as said before, Santander isn’t particular quick with this sort of thing (which doesn’t really matter to be fair).

Hello Guys, I’m really wants to know still able/have a way, to get Monzo [Crowdfunding Investor] ?

Not unless they do a funding round really. Or are you saying your invested in the past and want the tag adding to your account?

No, totally new haha, ok, get it thanks a lot for the info

Does anyone have a picture of how the new Nationwide Members Credit Card looks like in Apple Pay?

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This is what it looks like for me:


My eye always goes straight to that Calibri-like font on Nationwide cards o_O.

Just personal taste obviously, but I hate the default font in Microsoft Word…


After Months of debate, and the first casualty of my annual budgeting process (before deferring to April).

Gonna miss the platinum card design, but will be nice to add a new one to my collection.

No foreign currency fees is the biggie for me. Cashback is nice, but irrelevant being so low, given how much I tend to spend on credit cards. Probably won’t see much more than £25 back over the year.


That’s the deal with credit cards, they’re all essentially the same, so getting a nice range of designs is fairly easy.

I’ll probably cull my Nationwide Select, and my HSBC cards at some point soon.


Oooh, is it a good credit card?? How are nationwide limits in general

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Why did you change from plat to rewards? What is different between those two apart cashback

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