Coin Jar specific percentage

Is it already possible to add a Coin Jar type account and set it at say 20% of income? If not I’d like to raise the idea as this would really help me save as a self employed person for my tax return at year end.
Presumably the code would be need little alteration from the Coin Jar idea.


This sort of ties in with how I’d see Automated Pre-Allocation working within pots (see this post). The core bit would be selecting the regular income from which you want to pre-allocate funds. Percentage would mean more code to write at the backend, but I can see the benefit. For instance, it’s a really really good idea to put some of your regular income away in case of emergency. Why not have an automated percentage, calculated from the actual income of that month (or week, whatever). I’d certainly welcome that if I earned enough money :wink:

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