Coin Jar Feedback Thread


Hi @Tommyoto

I’ve moved this to the main coin jar feedback thread to keep all the discussion on this together.

It’s a regular request and they are working on it. Hopefully it’ll be here soon :crossed_fingers:

(Tom Owen) #392

Cheers! Sorry not the most tech savvy

(Tom Halloran) #393

I really like the ‘accelerator’ feature that Revolut have for their version of coin jar, any plans for Monzo to introduce something like this? The ‘save as you spend’ cadence is awesome but it only really works if the amount you want to save is directly proportionate to how much you spend per day, which would basically just be a lucky coincidence - having a multiplier vastly increases its utility for what should be a simple calculation

(Sacha) #394

That would be a great idea. Although I’d prefer more flexibility, with the ability to add a fixed amount on top of the existing round up (e.g. 50p or £1 each time) instead of just a multiple.

(John Biondini) #395

I was wondering what happens if I have the Coin Jar on and my Monzo account connected with MoneyBox, does MoneyBox save on both transaction and spare changes moved to the Coin Jar or just the actual transaction?

(Alex Sherwood) #396


(Ben) #397

Hey, not sure if you’re aware, but with the recent release of YNAB’s API - you can at least sync Monzo spending into YNAB in real time.

It needs a bit of an intermediary, but you can read more about it here:


About time

(A) #399

This is great news, cheers Ben!

Hope it’s easy to do!

Best wishes,


(Ben) #400

It did take a little bit of fiddling with some account codes and access keys in both YNAB and Monzo - but shout if you get stuck - might be able to help.

Only drawback I’ve seen so far is Transfers from “on budget” accounts come in as new payees (not sure if that’s fixable), and similarly if you use Monzo Pots - they come up with what looks to be the “pot identifier code” in Monzo’s back end.

But seems reasonable!

( surohpotsirhC) #401

Looks like I can only do this if I use the latest version of YNAB, rather than the one I bought on Steam?

(Francisco) #402

Yesterday I make this pot, today I expend in some food machines
4.99 was the charge and add 0.01 to my coin jar…
But for the others (0,70, 0,65) it didn’t round to 1 pound…

I thought that probably only work on base amount more than 1£…

(Marcel Ruhf) #403

Yep that’s correct, anything below £1.01 is not rounded up.

(Michael Levi) #404

Would be handy to get automatic round ups for direct debit payments, please. Manually moving over those pesky few pence to coin jar post DD at the moment.

Suspect this has already been mentioned in the community. If not, good to get it on the list of improvements. Thanks.

(Danny) #405

I like coin jar but it does not work properly e.g. savings challenge is now on £1.84 leaving .16p then TfL takes £4.50 that now leaves .66p even though coin jar just took .50p

It’s not accounting for the actual balance and rounding off that transaction. I’d much rather it always rounds everything to .00 instead as i have to manually move the left over change in this case 66p


Any update on removing coin jar transactions?

(Marcel Ruhf) #407

It’s on this month’s to-do list.

(Richard Cook) #408

Big news for Coin Jar fans!

Now any pot can be a Coin Jar with round-ups. And we’ve tidied up how it looks in your feed.

(Colin Robinson) #409

Thank you!

(Simone) #410

Ok, is better but in the feed I would like to see the original price + the spare change saved. Not only the sum of those! Can the spare change saved be shown below the price more or like as appear the original price in an foreign currency?