Coffee ☕

Did you order direct from Rave, or from Amazon?

I’ll pass :joy:. That description looks like enough for me to not want it :stuck_out_tongue: I like darker roasts, but the 200 degrees was initially too dark - I think the one before was quite a bit lighter.

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Oh no. Which ones did you try?

I avoid all their light roast stuff so only stick to the darker ones since I have milk in my coffee.

From Rave. Both were darker roasts than I expected, and not a massive fan of them. So probably personal preference than anything to do with the company.

From perky blenders

They make my favourite coffee, I swim at the Royal Docks and it’s my post swim treat (along with their outstanding cardamom buns). So I started getting my beans from there, and it’s still my favourite :smile:. This is for cold brew though, not a machine.

I always found Grindhouse to be great value and delicious.

The Hammerhead blend is my go to.

I get mine from Perky Blenders. Partially inertia at this point, as I’ve got a grandfathered discount applied to my subscription. (Meaning if I cancel it to try something else, it’ll be more expensive to sign up again.)