Coffee ☕

But which instant coffee? :eyes:

If you drink more than 1 cup (or even if you don’t), I can highly recommend getting a cafetière and using ground beans to make your coffee :eyes:

Aero press be a good upgrade for £20!

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Usually Nescafé

Around 3 a day for me sometimes more. My house hold probably has 10-12 total although some have them instant cappuccino sachets.

We have been thinking about getting a machine but no idea where to start

Start with a £100 nespresso. See if you like it. Or a cafetière to try different ground coffeee.


My suggestion for a household coffee machine would be a Moccamaster. Excellent drip coffee.

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Thanks. I’m going to have to search them all and have a look.

I suppose it’ll also save money in the long run.

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It depends how far you go down the rabbit hole :upside_down_face:

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I used to love instant coffee and it wasn’t until I got a machine that I found out what I was missing out on.

I now find instant is disgusting and have turned into a full blown coffee snob :laughing:


You could always up your instant game - :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t go wrong with a £20 Aeropress or Mokka Pot as a starter.

Both produce fabulous results for very little money.


Not a bad deal.

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What set up you using at moment yourself?

Oh, I was eyeing up the big beast machines :joy:

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Not the best, but for the price….

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Coming to the end of my Rave Fudge coffee batch, need some new coffee to order…

Hit me with suggestions 1KG bags pls.

Did you look at the sticky toffee pudding one I mentioned a while back?

The Rave website was down for maintenance the other day when I tried to stock back up, so in frustration (lack of caffeine induced rage) I ordered this on prime, which is surprisingly quite good!

Yea. Couldn’t find it on their site :frowning_face:

It’s this one: Papua New Guinea Baroida - Roasted by RAVE Coffee – RAVE COFFEE

I’m sure their marketing included a picture of a tin of sticky toffee and they used that phrase in the description. Upon looking it’s now just referenced at ‘sticky pudding’ - it’s still good though!

My favorite is Cuisinart Coffee On Demand DCC-3000 Source: Love the dispenser part of the coffee maker. No longer have to let carafes sit and let the coffee scald.
The machine design is good, and makes all parts easy to remove and clean.

Anyone got a hand grinder?

To get an electric grinder anywhere close to this quality will be :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:. But then again, what price convenience??

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