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Thanks, could be tamp, getting a new tamper for Father’s Day so could be that, just using standard sage one at moment. Don’t think its over extracted but will keep eye on that too. Beans just under a week old, could it be that?

Just found this on google:

Why does my coffee taste so earthy?

Earthiness. If coffee is dried on earth, rather than on dirt-free concrete, stone, brick, or wood, the coffee will pick up a distinct earth taste. Again, some consider any earthy taste whatsoever a flavor defect, whereas others enjoy earthiness and consider it an idiosyncratic delicacy.

What beans are everyone using? Sage Barista Pro here, looking to try some new beans!

I didn’t realise I was in the coffee thread, read that four times, wondered if it was innuendo that I didn’t understand. Only then did I read the topic title.


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Sage bambino and a sage smart grinder pro here, grindhouse hammerhead blend currently, had rave fudge previously from Amazon ( no date, will buy direct next time). That’s all I’ve tried, only have machine few weeks. What you tried yourself?

Rave coffee. Bought them as my first, and have stuck with them since. I keep meaning to give another brand a go but I always choose them again.

I see my post above about loving their Fudge blend. I mentioned in the other topic that one of their newer blends is a strong contender:


What machine you got?

This one:

I toyed with the idea of getting more of a manual one, but I’m impatient and incredibly unmotivated when I haven’t had a coffee :rofl:


I’m still at stage of toying about with my sage, pulling shots manually at moment, think I can program time of shot but still playing with it as I said! Wasting serious coffee playing around, that’s why went for cheaper bag this time!

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I just ordered a 1KG bag of these after having them in London a couple of months ago:

Our normal fave:


That was probably me.

It’s a pretty dark roast. Mrs found it way too bitter but to me it tasted like chocolate.

It shouldn’t be gritty. If this continues on successive extractions I’d email Grindhouse and let them know. They’re usually great at sorting a free replacement.

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Can dark roasts be gritty? Very new to espresso so reading up and some say dark roast can have earthy/gritty taste. The gritty taste seems to be in the crema, a stir with a spoon sorts it out! Also just shy of a week from roast date so maybe few days early to be grinding yet!

Sage looks expensive :melting_face:

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Making good home espresso just isn’t a cheap endeavour.

With one coffee a day you’d make back your money in savings within 12-18 months.

Only one a day? I’m averaging two double shots a day I’d say

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I meant if you bought one coffee a day (which is expensive enough!).

When I had my Sage I also religiously had two doubles a day, plus those I made for others.

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I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole tbf, but then again I hate Heston Blumenthal :rofl::joy:

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The Heston tie in is so unnecessary. It feels like he’s lending his “cred” to something crappy whereas in reality they’re kit more than stands up on its own.

What’s your setup? Out of interest.

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And would you drink espresso just or milky drinks?

Cortados and flat whites.

Hammerhead blend definitely needs some milk.

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