Co-operative Pharmacy

(Richard Bairwell) #1

On Wednesday 13th April, I made a visit to a “Well Pharmacy” (which was renamed from the Co-operative Pharmacy in October 2015 - source: ), but Mondo is showing this as “The Co-operaitve Healthcare” with “The Co-operative food” logo. Also, our local branch (foursquare_id 521b6aa593cd0772279f5b39 from the API) is no longer at 139 Mansfield Road but has moved to Crown Medical Centre, Crown Farm Way, Forest Town, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 0FW (about a fortnight after they rebranded the old store :wink: ). The API also has the website of

Can these be updated?

(Richard Bairwell) #2

Oh, and it also seems that The Co-operative Food has the Co-Op bank URL instead of

(Charlie) #3

I recommend using the “Something Wrong? Tell Us!” option from within the app to report this type of issue.

I’ve submitted changes in the past and it usually gets updated really quickly!

(Richard Bairwell) #4

Okay, I did try that initially (the transaction was originally recorded as being Co-op Food for the pharmacy), I’ll try it under Transaction/Amount as I’ll actually be able to detail the issue :wink: