Client Tips

I currently use payment links which my clients, and I love. However, my industry is tip heavy so it would be great to see an ‘add tip’ option on the link.

Perhaps with options such as x%, £value and a ‘round up’ choice.

One further, it would be great if tips could go straight into a separate pot!


What industry are you if tips are heavy?

Adult industry?


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Your hair stylist must offer different services than mine.

Which is my answer to @Carlo1460 independent hair stylists are probably a big player in this category, especially the rent a chair ones that operate out of a salon, which a large part of the cost of your haircut goes towards.

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No babe. Widen your horizons :+1:


So not Only Fans. :eyes:

Surely if receiving tips by card you just categorise the inbound payment as two cats to reflect income for “hair” and then a tip for the tip.