Clicking on list of Monzo top ups shows other top ups

When I click on Monzo on my top up, and then on Number of Top Ups, it shows a list including top ups to other services, by simply searching for the string “top up”, rather than filtering for Monzo top ups.

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Hugo’s working on this, see image 3

from -

Clicking on any other recent transaction from the Home screen, there is a section on the page YOUR {retailer} HISTORY. The first item under that section is “Number of Payments”: 2. If I click on this, I see the two transactions with that retailer.

Clicking on a top up includes the same “YOUR TOP UP HISTORY”, with the first item, “Number of top ups”: 3. If I click on this, I would expect to see the three times I have topped up Monzo, rather than a list of four items, including a transaction for another service I had labelled as top up.

I see what you’re saying. Top ups are a bit quirky (they can’t be categorized either).

But anyway, you will be able to get to the outcome you want, once the enhancements from the post above are implemented :thumbsup:

That looks like a start, but unless top ups appear as a tag or a retailer, a credit labelled as ‘top up refund’ will still show up.

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