Cleo and Monzo

(Bruno Sousa) #1

Hello everyone
Is there anyone here that uses monzo+cleo and cleo’s AI saving feature?
Just had a very strange situation where the transaction for the AI saving showed up completely different from the ones before.
Whereas the ones before were clearly identified as Cleo, this one identifies itself as Acasa. When you dig deeper, you can see it’s showing mangopay luxembourg SA.
I just went around the houses thinking this was a fraudulent transaction and when Monzo very kindly refunded me this, there it was in the details of the refund a reference to cleos AI saving.
If anyone else has experienced this do let me know.
Have contacted Cleo to get clarification

(Kolok) #2

I don’t use Cleo,
But let us know if you find out the root cause, incase it comes up again.

(dan costin) #3

Cleo doesnt let me connect to my monzo account, they also didnt help me on the emails :confused:

(Gareth) #4

I signed for Cleo Plus (by accident) and it also showed up as Acasa.

They definitely use Mangopay and they sent me a message yesterday to say withdrawals may be late as there is a Bank Holiday in Luxembourg today.

I assume Acasa is their (or Mangopay’s) parent company

(Bruno Sousa) #5

That didn’t use to be the case:
"Hi Bruno,

Just to let you know, our savings provider MangoPay have very recently updated their policy which means that some (if not all) future cleo-related transactions will show their name rather than ours on any bank statements.

*Your bank details are safeguarded using the same encryption that all the major banks use. Moreover, they are never stored on our servers, rather our payment partner Mangopay. *

Hope that helps clarify things for you, but if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to get back to us."

|Kevin from Cleo Support|

So in the end, it was all good however the fact there was no communication made me waste customer services valuable time when this could’ve been avoided by just letting people know. Of course I will question a transaction I don’t recognize!

Anyhow thanks for your input guys!

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