That’s fine then haha, my subscription is set to cancel on the 10th Feb so hopefully be fine then.

It should do because the notifications are part of the subscription. I wondered whether the constant emails were due to soft searches expiring after however long they keep them on file. Also, some of them were definitely old credit accounts from years ago being removed.

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yeah they could be, that’s what I thought but I don’t really check my soft searches anyway so no idea if anything is being removed. :rofl:

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Got an email this morning that my subscription had ended and was now cancelled. Just got another email saying a change has been made to my score. :man_facepalming:t2:

I got a notification from ClearScore today to say something is changing on my next report, so clicked on it to find out what, and it seems to think I’ve closed my Monzo current account lol… I have definitely not.
Anyone else seen something similar?

It may correct itself eventually.


That seems pretty odd - if you message me your email i can have a check at what we reported for you last month.


Thank you :blush: I’ve sent you a message :pray:

Replied in DM.

TLDR; we’ve reported your accounts as normal and up to date. We haven’t reported them as closed - so i have no idea what ClearScore is on about i’m afraid.


ClearScore is strange. It decided this morning to find out which credit cards I’m eligible for (without me asking) and it rated all Amex cards as 0% chance of acceptance. I went to Amex’s own website and went through their eligibility checker and I was 95% chance of acceptance for all of their cards.

I’ve already got one with a good credit limit so don’t want another one, but still…


This isn’t strange, this is its whole business model. Indeed, the whole concept of a ‘score’ is to sell you debt.

What, telling me I’m ineligible for an Amex card so making me go directly to Amex? How does that benefit ClearScore?


Clear score do act weird.

They gave a loan provider some random dates when I’d used them to go through with a loan.

Said I’d lived at 1 address 16 months and another 14 months to reach 3 years. Yet I’d lived at both for 1 year.

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Thanks Theo :blush: I’m glad it’s all ok on Monzo’s end and just ClearScore being weird!

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Mines just updated and shown the same, removed. Very strange!

mines is telling me a closed mbna account will be added in april and that im not on the voters role even though ive lived here for 20+ years

My affordability report is inaccurate, but I like this one :sweat_smile::grin:

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