Clearing spending report

(June Andrews) #1

Is there anyway to clear your spending reports.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Not that I know of I’m afraid. Has something in particular prompted you to ask this?

(June Andrews) #3

Well if i were to misplace or lose my phone people would be able to see how much i have on my card.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks for explaining this. If you have a passcode on your phone (which I’d highly recommend) others won’t be able to access the app, unless you give them access to your phone. You can choose to remove the iOS widget if you have an iPhone.

As an additional privacy feature, you can switch on fingerprint protection for the iOS app. That feature’s on it’s way for Android.

It looks like those protections should cover your use case & in my opinion, that’s probably better than clearing your transaction history as it’s less permanent. Am I missing anything there though?

(June Andrews) #5

No ur right iv add fingerprint now so thank you for ur davice.