Clearing notification bug

(Beta User) #1


Details to reproduce: The X to clear a notification doesnt work, just keeps spinning around
OS: 11.4 (15F79)
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 2.5.0 #431



(Andre Borie) #2

A very old bug, surprised it’s still not fixed despite being reported many times. :frowning_face:

iOS App Slowdown & Lag
(Beta User) #3

Are you getting this bug too then?

(Andre Borie) #4

Yep, since ages ago. My workaround is to just keep spam-clicking the button, eventually it works (or crashes the app).

(Beta User) #5

Ahh good good, least I’m not the only one. Shame it hasnt been fixed, the app is normally so clean

(Jai Sullivan) #6

Why is this still a thing? :worried:

(Jack) #7

Ugh yeah I’ve had this for months. Even reported it a few times in testflight feedback.
Reinstalling the app doesn’t help either.

Hopefully when @HughWells is back from holidays (I think I read on here he’s away) it will be logged correctly and dealt with :pray:

(Starling Guru) #8

This bug is still a thing coz we now have #tags init

(Jack) #9

Still going on here for me

(Andre Borie) #10

Same here. Really annoying.