Clear Pot Transactions

Scenario: create a pot, use it for a few months, archive that pot, unarchive at a later date, change name and use it for something unrelated. All the transactions from the 1st pot are remembered and listed making those and the running totals etc pointless and confusing for following transactions in the 2nd pot.
Is there a way of clearing the transactions when a pot is unarchived?
Of course being able to delete a pot would make this point moot.
Worth pointing out that I wasn’t aware when I first starting creating pots that there was a limit and you couldn’t delete, just archive.

Archiving is pretty much the same as deleting.

Instead of unarchiving a pot and renaming it, can’t you just create a new one?


You can have 20 pots, the archived pots don’t count towards that, so there’s no need to use an old one instead of creating new, especially if you want a clear history.

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