Cifas marker cat 6

You don’t know this is going to happen and even if Monzo do close your account you won’t get told why and you won’t know for certain it’s because of this.

You have a few options:

  1. Tell Monzo (pretty much everyone here thinks it’s a bad idea)
  2. Get a credit union account as a backup (pretty much everyone thinks it’s a good idea)
  3. Keep your Monzo account in good standing and don’t use it for anything that may draw attention to yourself. Salary, Bills etc are fine but deinfintely NO CRYPTO and NO money transfers from anyone not a business
  4. Assuming the CIFAS marker is a genuine error in judgment then learn from it and move on.

Remember, worrying about the things you have no control over is pointless, it will affect your mental health and IMO make you more likely to stray back into a bad place.


I’m going to tag @Dan5 here as he may be able to provide some insight into this

Thanks for the tag!

There isn’t much I can really add here, CIFAS is not something I’m close to and I can’t share much (as usua I’m afraid, without revealing too much about our financial crime processes!).

@47AlphaTango’s advice is a pretty good place to start though :relaxed: