Cifas Marker and Monzo closed my account?

:ok_hand:good luck… i’m growing chilli plants myself … if I’d thought about it I would have chosen scotch bonnet too! :slightly_smiling_face:

i may have gone a little overboard and planted 136 and i dont have anymore space on my windowsill xD

I’m only 23 and there was definitely financial education but it wasn’t very thorough.

We learnt how to budget, how to open a bank account and how to stay safe with money online but as I say it was very rushed and done by a random supply teacher so I don’t think the school placed much value in it.

oh yeah ive never had a less about money even.

Not sure I’d heap this onto the school’s plate. I don’t recall being taught not to speed or pinch from the supermarket but I (largely) got the gist anyway. I’ve yet to hear common sense mentioned, though.

But anyway, I applaud you for your honesty, @Dslazyk. It’s good that so many forum colleagues are coming up with suggestions, even if that alternative bank account remains elusive.


Id like to mention that i do take 100% responsibility for what i did to recieve the marker and i want evewryone here tou know that i appreciate any suggestions or help it really does mean a lot that ive not been fully banished from society


Oh, fear not, you’d need to do a whole lot worse than that to be banished from society…:slightly_smiling_face:

(But don’t test it out, eh? :smile:).

well i dont plan on doing that anytime soon :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried metro and got declined. Tried NatWest online and got declined and tried virgin money and got declined…

Those are all banks though. I thought you were going down the prepaid card route?

yeah i wanted to go down the prepaid rtout but im 16 and monzo is the only prepaid i know of that offers under 18 accounts so i was left with only banks which all declined me… :cry:

Monzo isn’t pre-paid.

Go to whatever your closest branch is for any bank that haven’t already declined you and ask to make an appointment to speak to someone about an account and your history.

Online it’s going to be very “computer says no” but if you speak to an actual person, there might be something you can do.


yeah ive been to metro, natwest and lloyds and told them i have a cifas and want to open a basic acount they all told methey would get back to me with a response and all of them said piss off

your options are getting more limited , thats just how Banks will view you , with a building society , you may be able to get an account that you can pay your wages , and your Monzo cheque in to , then get access to your funds in cash from an ATM to manage your finances until you can clear up your Cifas marker

can i apply for coventrybuildingsociety if i libve in london?

life isn’t perfect unfortunately - your options are getting more limited … :man_shrugging: , find a building society near you …

nationwide is the closest one, probably a stupid question but whats the difference between a buidling society and a bank?

Somebody in branch is very unlikely to be able to overturn a decision or be able to have an exception be made for someone with a history of fraud. It is down to the bank’s policy. Going into branch for something like this is unlikely to change anything.

when i went to metro about a month ago they said that they would but they have to contact head office to ask for permission

well we started out with you having to find somewhere to pay your Monzo return funds cheque in to , and also pay your wages in to , you are 16 , you have a cifas marker … everybody has suggested ways to get to a solution to cash a cheque … we are really just going around in circles with you wanting what you cant have … :man_shrugging:

a building society whilst not as convenient as having a bank account is a possible solution bit less convenient …