Christmas bank holidays


At Christmas I get my universal credit on 28th, with pay early I get it at 4pm on Tuesday 27th. As Tue 27th , Monday 26th are bank holidays, will I get my UC on Friday 25th December?


If you get paid on the 28th. You will get it the working day before. Friday 23rd.

But don’t rely on it. They may do something different.

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I don’t know about universal credit specifically but over the holidays aren’t payments subject to change? For example, my employer will be paying on a different day to normal.

Payment timetable for DWP benefits below

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The idea that electronic transfers between systems, which are largely always on and instant, are still disrupted by bank holidays is starting to feel really antiquated now.

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But someone needs to press the button! Will nobody think of the person pressing the button?

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Even if payments could do through any day / any time, It’s not actually about that. In these cases, staff need to be literally in the offices in case anything goes wrong.

Imagine your payment is supposed to go in, but it doesn’t, the staff are all on a day off or 2 for a bank holiday, so you then need to wait until they come back for the payments to be manually processed.

So even if BACS went through on bank holiday days, DWP would avoid it totally as it’s not worth the risk of a payment failure with no one about to deal with it.


Was this meant for the Christmas payments thread?


I was quietly ignoring the curtain opener :eyes::rofl:

Maybe Revels is excited to spend his early December benefit payment on some curtain openers? :laughing:


I do need something for my curtains but it was giving you a solution to “Just press the button”

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