Christmas 2021

So after 20 - 30 minutes of mixing and kneading dough for stollen, I’ve decided I need a stand mixer.

I’m knackered doing it by hand :joy: didn’t even have a bowl big enough. By the time I’d measured out 2kg of flour and sieved it, there was no room left in the bowl for any more ingredients.

Ended up having to pour it on to the worktop to add the rest of the dry ingredients. Then make a well in the middle to add all the liquids and block butter.

Now I just wait for it to rise in a massive container, hopefully it won’t try to invade the whole room as it grows.

Tomorrow is another day of knocking it back and then adding marzipan before letting it rise again. I’m going to make a small cheeky roll to sample after it’s baked. I’ve never made it before, so come Christmas Day I at least want to know in advance that it’s going to taste good.


Just bought the tree from Patch, arriving in early Dec when I’m back. Just didn’t want them to run out so scheduled the delivery instead.

Quite bummed that they use a weird MCC so I’m missing out on a good £0.50 cashback…


@N26throwaway is the parcels app you are using there did your deliveries.

What MCC are they using? I didn’t use Chase to buy the mine because the order total was over £100 so it went on credit.

Probably good to buy and schedule though. They already temporarily sold out for a few days, and it’ll probably happen again! These seem to be pretty popular.

No, this is just a third party parcel app that plugs into a bunch of different couriers to track almost any parcel.

This is the parcel app I use:

The courier in this instance for both my cat food and the Christmas tree were DPD, but regardless of courier, the last mile provider is always the same company because of how remote I am. DPD hand it over to them in Inverness, and they then get it to me.

DPD are very conservative with their estimates though. General rule of thumb is it arrives 2 days after arriving in Inverness, unless it arrives before 12:30pm then there’s a solid chance it’ll get here in time to be delivered next day.


Professional services and membership organisations, which is a super odd one for them to use

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Are that me the parcel app I meat thought looked familiar have it in my iPhone.

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Stollen was a bit of a disaster, 2 of them caught on the bottom. I’ve not really done much baking with this oven before. I think they were too far down at the bottom of the oven so took all the heat.

3 of them survived further up the oven, however I think the fruit was too wet. I couldn’t keep them in any longer, otherwise they’d of been in danger of catching too.

These 3 taste good to be fair but no chance they’d last long as still wet inside. I’ll be eating those over the next few days :joy:

Going for round 2 and trying again, fruit soaking with booze as per the recipe this time. Dough will get made Monday and then cook them on Tuesday. The recipe makes 2 lots so just sticking to that this time. I’ve got my stand mixer now at least, so won’t have to knead the bloody thing again.

The joys of baking :upside_down_face:

Edit also managed to burn myself on the marzipan, it was like lava :volcano:


Does anyone have any advice on a good stock tracking app for popular tech items? Not a big fan of the Twitter accounts, and would prefer to avoid the hassle of setting up a GitHub script.

I used stockinformer to get my PS5 near launch date. They track lots of other items too.

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