Choosing days of week for committed spending

I have selected my TFL spend as committed spending, but I only use it Monday to Friday, to get to work.
The predicted spend is for everyday of the month, which for me isn’t accurate and predicts I will spend more money.

Could you add an option to select the days of week to take into account and also to include/exclude public holidays?


Would be tough for TfL considering they process payments up to 24 hours later, which means a Friday ride will show up on Saturday or Sunday.


But the principle of having more sophistication is a good one, I think. I’d like this to account for costs I only occur when in the office.

And even if TfL is rubbish, it would be good for Monzo’s algorithm to have a little flexibility so, for example, it knows that it should expect 5 payments a week (albeit on flexible days maybe).