Choose Debit Card color + Add Customer Phone/Email

I think it would be awesome to let the customer choose a colour for the debit card. the reason for that is to make it easy to pick the right card when needed. my wife, for example, has her own Monzo and another card for the joint account, and quite often she picks the wrong one.

Also, it will be great if you let the customer put their mobile/email number on the card. if the card lost, it might be easier to return it to the owner rather than the bank.

Agree on giving the user a choice of card colour. (with a couple of options say).

But no to mobile number on card, don’t want any more data on the card than is needed thanks. How many times is your mobile number the ‘point of security’??

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I would guess Monzo would prefer any card that has been out of the customer’s possession be cancelled and a new card sent, or you’re looking at card numbers and security numbers potentially being copied.

Not to mention the risk in which some may place themselves to retrieve their card having been contacted by the finder.

If a card is lost, it’s lost. Cancel it, and you’ll get a new one in a couple of days.


Pretty much what Sharpies were invented for.