Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

(Grant MacGregor) #162

Live chat function in the app.

(Grant MacGregor) #163

Wholeheartedly agree.

(Tom) #164

Is Chip 2.0 out yet? They’ve been banging on about that for months and months!

(Steve) #165

No. I assume that’s what this latest crowdfunding round was all about.


Is Chip now able to work with Monzo?

(Steve) #167

No. Will do with Chip 2.0 which is coming soon ™…

Don’t sign up without an invite - we’ll both get bonus interest if you sign up with referral.

(Grant MacGregor) #168

(Tom) #169

That’s not confidence inspiring…

(Grant MacGregor) #170

Only reason I’m sticking around is because of the 5% rate.

(Tom) #171

I never got anywhere near the 5% rate, stuck at 1%. Not overly keen on your rate being linked to referrals

(Grant MacGregor) #172

I just told them I had no friends via live chat (I do… honest) and they bumped it up to 4% straight away.


So as it has no Monzo integration and a new app on route would it just be better to close my account wait for Chip 2.0 and get a referal code from someone here :wink:

Not going with Plum due to facebook links also

(Tom) #174

:scream: might have to rejoin chip, in that case


If you use CLEVER3 you get 3% for a year. A tasty little treat for Christmas :candy: Welcome!

It is a good app and I truly believe it will evolve into something great. The next few weeks will be make or break for Simon and his awesome team at Chip :sunglasses:

(Tom) #176

I signed up again to see what they do with v2.0. If anyone wants to use my code, it’s MS846M :+1:


Just had a look at this - Last iOS update was 6 months ago…

That seems a long time for any app (pre new iPhones etc).

Is development generally quite slow?

(Stephen Robinson) #179

I’m on the 2.0 beta and that hasn’t been updated since October. Even the current beta doesn’t have Monzo so it isn’t coming any time soon by the looks of it.

(Tom) #180

Have they made any comment as to why they seem to have completely ground to a halt?


They are working hard for a new year release which will incorporate Monzo and Starling. Chip 2.0 is massively different to the original app and is taking a great deal of time and effort to complete on time :moneybag:

As an Alpha saver, I am not particularly worried at the minute. The interest is still turning over and the app is saving automatically for the majority, with less than 50 people affected by recent issues by all accounts :oncoming_police_car::fire_engine:

They are still attracting customers and the current user base is eagerly awaiting the new release. They are easily contactable through live chat and have good response times in the facebook groups.

Bring on 2.0 :sunglasses:

(Grant MacGregor) #182

Interest bug finally updated!