Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

(Grant MacGregor) #142

Press ‘Savings’ and look at the figure recorded for you next pay out. The amount updates every Monday (or should any way).

(Warren Meads) #143

I know that you will be able to integrate Monzo as the Chip source account in the new year

The AI that Chip uses is really great and is proving to be really popular so why can’t monzo either develop this AI them selves and offer this or merge with Chip as they I think are looking to become a bank them selves and given the popularity they have, this AI i think will become a very big usp

(Liam Daly) #144

they got featured on the app store today page awhile ago, I think probably got them to number 2.

I also reached out to support about Monzo and Starling and they said new year even though their crowdcube says they have it already.

(David watson ) #145

It gets put back every month, when I asked a few weeks back it was December, I’ve given up.


Don’t give up hope!

(Paul) #147

Me too. The annoying thing is they say “ready by …” and when that date comes I ask again and they repeat “ready by…” but with a new date.

(Phil) #148

The app has had issues with withdrawals recently which caused me some frustration.
I’m very bored of the same gifs they use and the fact there looks to have been very little improvement in the app since I joined — almost 2yrs at this point.

I see the potential, but I also look forward to seeing improvements and growth.

(Steve Daniels) #149

Hopefully with the latest funding round we’ll get to see some changes here.

Incidentally, I’m still not allowed an account with chip despite being a Crowdfunding shareholder.

(Phil) #150

Why not allowed?

(Steve Daniels) #151

They don’t recognise my address, House has only stood for 120 years.


Too old to recognise perhaps! :thinking::laughing:

In all seriousness though, have you spoken to the support team on Facebook or within the app? They are generally very good at assisting, with quick turnaround times.

(Steve Daniels) #153

Yeah. No fix yet - it’s been a month.

(Steve Daniels) #154

Hooray I am in! Interface is quite nice and the sign up is fairly pleasant once I got over the teething issue.

Should anyone wish for a little 1% interest kickstart you can use my code on sign up : 720HC0



Welcome! There are some great new features coming. Happy saving!

(Jack) #156

Just thought I’d give Chip a go but since I’ve gone full Monzo I’ll have to wait :frowning:

(Paul Thomas) #157

I’ve been waiting 10 months for chip to pull its finger out and every day is a day closer to competitors launching.

Plum sounds interesting too but sadly they only use Facebook messenger so screw that!

The wait continues. Especially since I missed the croudfunding too. :cry:

(Steve Daniels) #158

Tried going down this rabbit hole?

Hopefully Chip 2.0 will address these issues and missing integrations. I really am intrigued!

(Grant MacGregor) #159

Interest calculation still fucked. “Technicians still working on the problem” is the same generic response.


@grant.macgregor yep not great. I think they’ve pretty much abandoned the current app to focus on Chip 2.0 but the interest calculation should be a basic feature that should always be right.


How do you even get a response from them?

I sent an email 6 days ago which hasn’t been replied to. Not the first time they’ve apparently ignored an email from me.