Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

(John Biondini) #121

At the moment Chip does what it says in the label, saving you money without realising it.
I think the new version will greatly improve the experience, from better and shared goals to great interests in borrowing and lending with ChipX. As said above it’ still early days for them but they have numbers and a really promising product. :slight_smile:


The big news being… a funding round! :zzz:

(Splodf) #123


Just £300 secures you the socks! ( And the shares…).

Anyone backing?


It’s another company that’s been about to launch product for sooooo long. I for one lost interest a while ago.

The Mailchip emails are full of hot air - a lot of it. Reams of it

(Tom) #125

They’ve been promising version 2 for months now.

(Andre Borie) #126

Just £300 secures you the socks! ( And the shares…).

Are they trying to pull off a Starling? :joy:

(Andy Slater) #127

I found chip really useful with my personal spends in one bank account that got topped up monthly, meant when I had lots, I saved lots, when it dwindled, the saving amounts dwindled

Now I use ifttt to give myself a weekly allowance from a ‘pocket money’ pot into my available balance every Friday so chip doesn’t really fit in with what I’ve been able to set up through monzo/ifttt

(Paul) #128

I asked about Monzo integration in April, they said it will be ready by June. No sign yet :man_shrugging:


The latest I was told was end of this year


On their Crowdcube page on they claim to have integrated Monzo…

Chip connects to 18 banks, now including challenger banks Monzo, Starling & Revolut

I assume this is only true for internal testing purposes. If so, seems a bit disingenuous to state in this manner.

Crowdcube page also says Chip has been at number 2 in App Store charts. When was it so popular for this to happen?

(Rob) #131

I’m not sure how you can even view the ‘UK’ finance charts, but it’s below all the high street banks in the AppStore Finance charts, currently 76 and was 120+ at the start of the their Crowdcube campaign… I presume it was at its most popular during the last CC campaign :thinking:

(Paul) #132

I beginning not to trust them

(Rob) #133

I reread the caption on the photo and they definitely don’t lie but the wording is a little crafty, which caught me out on first read!


This all just screams “don’t invest” to me…


On the verge… seems like they have a lot of customer goodwill:



I have been a chip user for over a year now and it is excellent. It is saving in the background and offers extremely attractive interest rates…if you can find codes online or invite friends. I was sitting on 10% having taken advantage of investor perks (minimum buy in​:wink:) and inviting my three (only) mates :sunglasses:!

Simon (the Tom of chip) has said that Monzo and Starling have both agreed to link and that this this should be updated in the new year.

Recent updates to the functionality and interface are promising but more is to come in the next month or so. With new features from P2P lending between users to a simple round up feature, there is a lot more on the horizon.

This is fintech after all. Timelines always shift. Let’s just wait out!

(Splodf) #139

I see a lot of potential in Chip. It’s a shame I can’t have an account.

I did invest though, so at the very least I get my socks.

(Grant MacGregor) #140

Check your weekly interest update, folks.

That’s the third time it hasn’t updated. After speaking to Simon this morning, they believe it’s a ‘technical issue’ but this has happened once too many in my opinion.