Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

(Trevor Mitchell) #101

Omg, so he did mention pots but instead of saying they were on the horizon he said that moving cash straight over to chip was gonna be better than using a pot…


(Grant MacGregor) #102

I would suggest for every Chip user to check their expected interest due. There has been a glitch in their systems when calculating how much interest is to be paid out.

Spoke to Simon on live chat and they say its an issue they’re trying to solve… 2 weeks ago!


How do you see your full list of transactions (which would be needed to manually calculate how much interest you should be receiving)?

My Activity tab only goes back to mid-July, which only covers half of my transactions.

(Grant MacGregor) #104

Interest is updated every Monday. I spotted that it hadn’t increased and contacted them to see my expected interest.

They confirmed there was an issue.


Ah, ok. But you’re still relying on them to calculate correctly when they check. I wish they provided a way to easily see daily/weekly balance or transaction history for the lifetime of the account so that I could calculate it myself.

(Grant MacGregor) #106

Agreed. It may be worth several of us contacting to see if they would make it available.


Just ask in chat. They will do the calculations live for your. Crazy system

(Phil) #108

How did you get the Beta?
I’ve signed up for the Chipmonks (though not sure what it really does yet).

(Phil) #109

I like where they’re going and I’m interested to continue following the journey and using the product.

(Grant MacGregor) #110

Interest not updated this morning (again)…

(Andy) #111

I sent a message saying I have not been paid interest payments and their reply was ‘what payments are you expecting.’ :man_facepalming:t4:

(Grant MacGregor) #112

Lovely customer service interaction there!

(Matt) #113

100% agree

(Grant MacGregor) #114

(Matt) #115

I haven’t been able to save for about 10 days… they don’t seem to want to tell me why though, just that a developer is working on it…


Chip are gearing up for a Crowdcube raise:

(Excited about Christmas) #117

Yes - I met them at the Crowdcube party the other night. Seemed very impressive until I tried to sign up and it only found twenty of the hundred houses on my street… They offered to do the sign-up for me, but I wonder how many people just give up at that point…

(Grant MacGregor) #118

(Nathan) #119

Interested in getting chip, but still quite hesitant.

How does it work for you from your personal experience?

(Bruce Davies) #120


It’s still early days for Chip, and their execution is far from perfect, but they have proven thus far to be trustworthy, and as a concept to enable savings for those that otherwise struggle to do so, it is excellent. If you choose to dive in, feel free to use my sign up code to get us both an extra 1% interest on our savings: MT90V9