Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings


I received communication from chip this morning, saying they’re working on Monzo integration and it’ll be implemented before years end if anyone is interested.

(Andy) #82

I’ve just moved from Plum to Chip because I like the idea of a guaranteed interest rate. And I’m holding out to see what Monzo produce for interests on pots!

If anyone else cares to try chip use my code and we both get an extra 1%


(Andy Slater) #83

In my opinion, chip is good when connected to a day to day spending account which receives your full ‘allowance’ at the beginning of the month.

I was looking forward to connecting chip with monzo but as I learned about monzo I now move a week’s allowance into my available balance every Friday so my spending throughout the month is managed that way and I won’t be linking chip.


Do you know any more about ChipX?

I received an email from Chip this week mentioning it in relation to higher interest rates, but the email didn’t say enything beyond that. I wonder for example if ChipX is going to be a premium tier with a monthly fee, with one premium benefit being higher interest rates.


Chip is great if you want to automate your savings. Integration with Monzo was scheduled for around September. I use it with another bank and use a manual save function.

If you register as a Chipmunk then youll get early access to their new platform. Chip 2.0 and Chip X have some unique features.

If you do want to try Chip (nudge nudge) feel free to use my sign up code 7FMJD7 to earn an extra 1% interest.


What are the unique features of ChipX?
Is it a premium tier product?


I think chip X is a premium feature that will allow things such as unlimited manual saves as well as access to higher interest rates.


I’m more of a Plum kind of guy, but here is the info you’re looking for on Chip 2.0 and specifically ChipX:

ChipX is an exclusive community of our savers accessed through the Chip 2.0 app. It’s been designed with our savers in mind to give you an even better return on your savings.

As a ChipX member, you´ll have access to a number of premium features to help you boost your savings and get the most out of your Chip account. These include multiple goals, unlimited saves, Lockin bonus and a double referral bonus.

ChipX will also grant you exclusive access to our lending platform and our plug-in overdraft feature when they are launched in a few months time.

All Chip 2.0 users will be given a one month free trial of ChipX.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #89

I already have 2.0 :eyes:


What are your thoughts on it? Worth the wait?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #91

I only downloaded it the other day so not really used it, tbh I only just signed up for chip when the E-Mail came through saying i could download it.


Chip 2.0 is really half baked. I wouldn’t even call it Beta it’s more like Alpha.
On iOS it’s bit better than Android at the moment but their focus seems to have been on ChipX and not on core feature improvement which we’re already there in app.
You can’t even withdraw without chatting to CS from Android and Live chat is currently not working on Android so seems to be no way other than email :neutral_face:
Goals are better and more flexible though and have their own tab.

(Trevor Mitchell) #93

Apparently the chip pot is on the horizon, it just got a big shout out on the chip YT live event… :slight_smile:

(Kieran) #94

got a link?



Just watched. I seemed to miss that bit. I heard they are adding Monzo connection soon, but not that they are integrating with Monzo pots. Which minute was it?

Highlights for me

  • Monzo and Starling support in Chip 2.0
  • Base 1.5% interest rate for regular Chip savings (once Chip 2.0 is launched).
  • FSCS protection on regular Chip savings (once Chip 2.0 is launched).
  • ChipX community lending (investment product different from regular Chip savings) sounds very interesting: Essentially peer-to-peer lending leveraging transaction data to prevent users paying high overdraft fees to banks, and instead borrowing on-demand from other Chip users at lower APR.


13:00 Mark they announce the Monzo and Starling integrations

Another key part they cryptically hinted at is possible new crowdfunding to be announced later this year.


Yes, but @trevwmitchell’s wording implies integration with Monzo pots, which is not what they’re saying at 13:00.


I know, I was just linking the time stamp for anyone else who wanted to hear the exact wording.

(Trevor Mitchell) #100

I am pretty sure I heard it, I’m confident I heard it but I’ll maybe retrace my steps… Just to check…

Hope I’m not turning into one of those journalist types that only hears what he wants to hear… :scream::scream: