Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

(Jack Donovan) #41

How close it Monzo integration with Chip. Can somebody tell me honestly?

My understanding was that Moneybox couldn’t do round ups because the API hadn’t been released, but they now can do them…

I can’t help but feel like Monzo and Chip are enemies or something… Lol


Do love Chip. Currently using it to save for one goal and the weeks left to go indicator is simple, clear and extremely reassuring! I would hate to pause or withdraw money knowing the number of weeks will increase. For whatever reason other providers’ tools haven’t had the same effect on me.

Could someone ELI5 the reasoning behind the below around changing linked accounts and money laundering regulations? Assume this will change if/when Chip will start to consume APIs?


Also, what happened to Oinky?

Today at OINKY we're saying goodbye to our customers. Thanks for being part of our journey. All savings have been refunded, and if you have any questions, please let us know. We invite you to join our new mission @GoApollo.

— OINKY (@savewithoinky) December 22, 2017

(A) #44

Is any one going to the Chip Investor Meetup on Thursday? If not does anyone have any non-technical :wink: questions that would like answering?

(Alex Sherwood) #45

When’s the Monzo integration going to be ready? :wink:

(A) #46

Cool, will ask. Thanks.

(A) #47

Stupid question alert. Can anyone produce any app to work/intergrate with another like app as with Chip to Monzo? So wouldnt Monzo have the answer to this?

(Alex Sherwood) #48

I’m not sure I do completely understand your question to be honest :cold_sweat:

But the situation is; Monzo’s created an API which Chip can use to build an integration. Chip now has to build that integration & be an Authorised Account Information Service provider. Both of those things are in Chip’s hands, rather than Monzo’s, if that makes sense?

(Matt ) #49

really disappointed with CHIP, still waiting for the interest due on April 1st and it’s no longer showing due in the app anymore, CHIP citing bank holiday & engineering issues. Back to the legacy bank monthly saver it is.

(Bruce Davies) #50

Have you tried asking them through the chat system? I had a similar issue in November - took a number of weeks, but it DID come. The interest due in February came without a problem, so my faith is restored. Keep in mind that the 1st April was a bank holiday weekend, so I would have expected a delay of some kind. I would recommend talking to Live Chat via Chip Chat - they’re usually very helpful.

As ever, if someone wants to start off their Chip journey with 1% interest, feel free to use my code: MT90V9 (full disclosure - I also benefit)

(Matt ) #51

oh sure totally get the bank holiday thing but surely it should be mostly automated and have popped in by now, live chat didn’t have an eta for the payment. Not very good service imo which is a shame as I’m a fan of the concept

(Yanet) #52

Any news on this? I use Monzo everyday I would love to Chip see my spending and do their magic… I would like to see they are integrate it somehow. Cheers!

(David watson ) #53

I messaged chip yesterday they said their in the middle of building the integration and should be ready in a few weeks :blush::+1:

(Matt ) #54

my interest popped in last week


How many people have you referred to gain your rate of interest?


Hi all. New here but looking to find out if anyone has any information surrounding the integration between Monzo and Chip. Love the idea of Chip and can’t rely on myself to save. I have messaged Chip but had no luck. Is this something Monzo are looking into or is the procedure of this happening totally in Chips control?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


They’ve said this on Twitter


Thanks for attaching the twitter message. Fingers crossed it happens…

(Grant MacGregor) #59

In case anyone is still to sign up with Chip, please consider using my sign-up code when joining:


Thanks in advance! :grin:


Use this Wiki