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Have they made any comment as to why they seem to have completely ground to a halt?

They are working hard for a new year release which will incorporate Monzo and Starling. Chip 2.0 is massively different to the original app and is taking a great deal of time and effort to complete on time :moneybag:

As an Alpha saver, I am not particularly worried at the minute. The interest is still turning over and the app is saving automatically for the majority, with less than 50 people affected by recent issues by all accounts :oncoming_police_car::fire_engine:

They are still attracting customers and the current user base is eagerly awaiting the new release. They are easily contactable through live chat and have good response times in the facebook groups.

Bring on 2.0 :sunglasses:


None of my current accounts work :frowning:

Chip are seriously declining in my estimation.

What sort of savings provider stops taking deposits for almost 3 weeks (14 Dec to 2 Jan), and more generally what sort of financial services company turns off customer support for almost 2 weeks (21 Dec to 2 Jan)?

I didn’t even receive an email to explain why its happening (although I understand some have received an email).


It’s mad really that they’re doing this.

The only possible way it would be acceptable in my eyes would be if Chip 2.0 launched on Jan the 2nd, which doesn’t look to be happening.

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I got a notification about that, it’s crazy!

I am a long term user of Chip and have stuck by them through a whole host of issues (BETA). My patience is starting to wear thin, but I think the app has a great deal more to give.

My understanding is that they are making changes to the system over Christmas and that the roll out of 2.0 will be early Jan. The close down is a nuisance but I imagine is a decision they have not taken lightly.

Simon and the team have grafted and I think the new product will be amazing if they can pull the features off. They have a supportive network of investors and users who share my sentiment and have not lost faith.

What I do know is that I made over £450 interest last year which is not to be sniffed at!

Let’s see where we are at in January! Don’t lose faith yet :sunglasses:

Agreed. I’m sure if you use chat in January they will allow you to transfer your allowance. In Chip 2.0 there should be £100 daily limit but 365 days a year. This will require X membership as I understand it, but worth it if you have the capital :sunglasses:

It’s understandable the system needs to temporarily go offline to make changes. But what I don’t get (and what I feel Chip should explain to their users if they want to be seen as transparent and user-oriented) is why do they need almost 3 weeks, and why does customer support need to shut down for almost 2 weeks.

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This has not been explained, but I imagine it is to do with leave. They are a smaller organisation than the likes of Monzo and the CS team has been grafting for a year non stop.

I’m sure if you ask Simon he will give you the truth :sunglasses:


My manual saves are working as well as the automatic ones. There appears to be a small number of people affected by the inability to manually save judging by the community page.

I know it is hard, but keep the faith :innocent:

In other news, I have recommended that Simon do a Q&A on here when the Monzo integration is rolled out…I also warned that the session may be brutal in places :sunglasses:

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It was switched back on yesterday. Have you spoken to the team on chat?

Manual saves not working for me either

How did they not change their direct debit supplier during the short notice down time?! Awful customer service and bad planning during this period.

Autosaves restarted for me 11/1/19 in V2 beta. Relationship between pending/this week also seems to be working correctly for the first time. Fingers crossed.

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Saves haven’t come back on for me yet. Received this from support chat (below)IMG_4571 but still not back on

My first automated save since December 12 happened on January 11 - still waiting for it to clear.

I really hope the new app with the Monzo connectivity happens in the very near future.

Thanks for sharing that code. I’ve just signed up now using it, and deposited my first £100. Although it’s obviously pending at the moment.

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Are we allowed to post our referral codes on here?

I don’t see why not, as referral codes are in posts for Dozens bulb energy etc :wink: