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They did get back to me and have returned the money today. They apologised and said they needed to “re-submit” it.

As others have said though, I can’t see me going back anytime soon!

The returned money failed first time automatically, then CS said they’d done a manual transfer, be next day. Never arrived so contacted again and they said it bounced back again. Eventually got money back but I’ve lost confidence in them to look after my money.


To be fair and provide balance, their withdrawal system is currently broke. However on live chat they have manually sent money to me and it has been received within an hour!

I still have a heck of a lot of savings in there at 5% but not sure I have a reason to stay when the 5% ends.

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Have they stopped offering interest now?

I’ve just given up on chip , it’s one thing after another. Still not got my £20 bonus after closing

Not happy with Chip.
I signed up to see what it was about and it said they would save £8 for me if I didn’t cancel by 3pm. I cancelled it and got the confirmation, however they still took the money. When I asked about it in the chat they said it was a known glitch and happens regularly. They said I should be able to withdraw it the next day. Been almost 2 weeks and I’m still waiting

Same thing, integration is rubbish, closed it and got a full refund, using Plum instead. Not a happy camper

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Chip have just added proper open banking connection to Monzo (and other banks)

Should in theory lead to better autosaves for Monzo connections since previously they would not have had access to full account data.

Chip are offering 0.9% interest now on savings

The fact you can’t top up from your auto savings account is poor. You have to move it back to your main account ie Monzo and then top up from there…

Also Marcus has a better rate.

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£1 is a small price to pay if it’s helping me save over £100. Need to think of the bigger picture.

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I invested in chip a couple of times but was really on the fence this time and in the end didn’t. The method of doing the round for “convertible” shares with a load of benefits like discounted shares on final conversion and 8% interest didn’t quite sit right! Obviously enough other people (and the government) were interested!

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Tried it for some time, but they don’t develop app in direction I hoped for, and without it there are only downsides:

  • it often takes some time to withdraw money (no weekends, next working day after some hour etc)
  • no card there, you need to withdrawal to spent

I hoped they will more concentrate on goals, some clever automation to split money in a way, what will provide balance between “waiting for bigger goals” and finishing smaller goals in reasonable time. But it is now only 3 goals and simple procentage split

I don’t need clever “saver” I am splitting my money to pots at a time of salary

Got an email saying they’re soon offering 1.25% interest with Chip+1 if you refer a friend

Details of the 1.25% savings account via refer a friend scheme is here m

I have one code. Please PM me if you want it. Will only work for those who don’t already have an account.

UPDATE - My code has now been claimed.

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Out of interest, any idea why the last two posts have been blocked/hidden?

Probably someone has flagged because posts made specifically for referrals are discouraged outside the referrals wiki.

I guess my post got away with not getting flagged because it was in part continuing earlier discussion by noting the scheme was now live, and not solely making a referral. Alternatively, maybe I did get flagged but it perhaps takes more flags for my posts to get auto hidden because I contribute regularly. I don’t really know.

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We offered non-Chip members the opportunity to achieve 1.25% interest on savings if they sent a direct message. :man_shrugging:t2: