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Yes I use Emma. I also recommend to anyone else to give it a try.

As for chip we are aware the onus is on chip to set up the access however this recent app upgrade is well overdue now. And as a member said earlier there is no sign of the Monzo integration on the beta version of the new app yet.

Not Emma, but I do use the HSBC Connected Money app, which offers similar features.

I don’t think it is Monzo that would need to change, but Chip. This seems to explain a little more:

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Also on beta.
It seems a little weird. A cross between the functions of a normal app and also still parts where it talks and you have pre determined button answers. Doesn’t have a great feel for me.

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Joined the 2.0 beta yesterday.

Still has chat-based interface which I personally don’t like but I guess Chip have evidence by now that it works and is liked by a lot of their customers.

On the plus side they’ve added the ability to do instant manual saves.

Asked about Monzo integration via in app help. Was told they “hope to have it integrated in the next few months”. Very disappointing considering they were previously saying they hope to be integrated by end of summer 2018.

I really don’t understand why they are dragging their heels on Monzo integration considering the likely overlap in customer base.

That’s my point exactly. They have been promising this integration since summer last year.

Ok so I added my monzo debit card to do extra saves.
Chip however is now auto saving based on info from my hsbc account but using my debit card to fund it :woozy_face:

Hi Simonf. Chip does not integrate with Monzo. That is what this thread has been about. And the onus is on Chip to do this but they have been promising the integration since last summer.

I know, but it allowed me to add my monzo debit card. I didn’t realise it would then use the debit card to take the money for the autosaves from monitoring my hsbc account.
Debit card used must be the one from your linked account although it didn’t mention this so I have submitted it as feedback.


How did you add your Monzo bank card?

In chip 2.0 beta you can add a card for quicker saving only I didn’t realise it had to be the card that was from your linked account. (I don’t think chip realised either)
Nothing to say to use the card from the linked account. I just thought it would be an additional save method. . image

Ah okay. I understand now. Sorry I’m no a beta user for the 2.0

Interesting hack!

Officially Chip say the monitored account and debit card must match - I asked them yesterday.

Do Manual saves work from your Monzo debit card?

Yes they do. The only issue was it was also taking the auto save but based on a different account.
They unlinked the card as soon as I told them.

So can you now manual save from Monzo and auto save from your other bank?

Well I could but it’s not what was intended.
There is no message ir anything preventing you adding a different debit card to the one from your linked account.
Issue is it debits from that card based on the auto save.
I’m sure in official release you will be prevented from adding a card not linked to your linked account.

Bet this messed with a few heads.

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Not sure if anyone seen but Chip x Monzo is currently being worked on now.


Is anyone experiencing recent issues with bonus/interest payments?

My quarterly bonus was due about about a week ago and I didn’t recieve anything. Would have been my 3rd quarterly bonus since opening my account and my first since updating the app to Chip 2.0



It’s the future :grin: