Chip and Pin always being blocked


Numerous times I’ve had purchases come up card error when inserting card into chip and pin terminals . Seems to be anything over £50 and then also blocks withdrawals

Any advice please ?

Sounds like you might have a faulty card? Probably worth speak to support.

I have tried and didn’t seem all to helpful. They’ve just this second said they will send a new one out.

Not ideal at Xmas …

For the time being add your card to Google /apple pay then you can make big transactions in most places .

This doesn’t help you now, but for future reference:

It’s always a good idea to have a second bank account that has cards with the opposite payment partner - so in this case someone with a Visa card. Or a credit card with visa.

That means if the one on your main card (whether visa or MasterCard) goes down you still have another card.

It also helps for if you damage or loose your primary card, or if it malfunctions as seems to have happened to you. For example, when I travel I always keep one card in my wallet, but a different one in my case, just in case my wallet gets stolen.

This is all for back up, and many people may never need it, but there are lots of ways that a card can have a problem with any bank, so backups are ways good to have!

Fingers crossed for you your replacement card arrives quickly.


Is Apple Pay supported for big payments ? Though it was a £30 limit

ThNks for that i did do a transfer to a secondary account but it’s not the fastest receiving transfers .

Thanks your help

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Yes. Android and Apple pay will go much larger than £30 (we’re talking four figures here) - although not every merchant terminal will support it.

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Good to hear :grin: thanks


Depending on where you’re shopping. Some places still have £30 on mobilen😐

Just for future reference it looked to be a fault card and now is all working fine with the new one .

Thanks for your help