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I use cheques all the time, and I’m only 31! It’s easier to pay for school dinners by cheque. The HMRC paid my overpayment by cheque not long ago. My workplace also issued me a cheque for expenses recently.

I’ve got a cheque right now waiting for a way to pay it in (damned british gas… they’re only doing it to try to keep the money for a few more days). I had a basic account at a bank as a clearing solution but they just closed the last branch for miles…

Cheques by app would be great, and remove the headache of dealing with them.

I didn’t realise you were still at school. :wink:


Check the in-app FAQs :wink: if you have a Monzo Current Account.

Well it says you can post a cheque, but that’s not really helpful because the I have to get to the post office, which is half of my lunch hour gone…

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Print postage online


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I did wonder why I was always the oldest in the class!

Sorry just to clarify (I have read through this thread), but I don’t fully understand. Is there any official mention from monzo anywhere about weather they do plan to allow users to pay cheques in by taking a photo of it?

No mention at all. I expect it’s down to whatever company they’re using for clearing at the moment to allow it first, since monzo don’t process cheques themselves.


If it’s not on the roadmap it certainly isn’t being prioritised.


Although I realise that the majority of youngsters (put head on block here :scream: and state “under 40” as a broad ageist definition for the purpose of discussion only) have no serious interest in cheques. I accept that the generations are different. However I count amongst the older generation that still use them. They are slow, safe and secure. My peers and I all admit to not using them nearly as much these days, but acknowledge that they still have a value especially for posting and charities. There are many potential Monzo customers out there amongst the “over 40’s”. Is this a good case for having Monzo cheque books? I don’t know. Here is an independent website I found when researching the topic
Like cash, cheques will be around for some time to come. The new scanning methods will avoid the need for presenting them live. It would surely be possible to have a facility for cheque scans (for processing cheques from other banks) in the Monzo app or via an email address, even if there were no plans for Monzo cheque books. Love to hear any thoughts on this from anyone out there including Monzo staff. You seem to consist mostly of “younger people” by my above definition. My overall impression is that you have no interest in including them in your future banking facilities. I could not find any major topics on this subject when I looked. Perhaps it is of no real interest or I simply didn’t find it? Thank you :grinning: PS. It is honestly NOT my purpose to start an ageist discussion!!

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Maybe try this


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One day, all the old cheque-using oldsters will die. So will cheques. And so will these Monzo needs cheques discussions.



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Cheques have some useful properties that other payment methods do not:

  • they have a payee name that is checked by the payee’s bank

  • the binding to the destination account is chosen by the payee not the payer

  • presentation of the cheque is optional by the payee; if they don’t want to get paid (for example, holding a cheque as a returnable deposit) they don’t have to present it

I could imagine Monzo supporting cheques by having a “write a cheque” function in the app; asking for payee name and amount and yielding a PDF to be emailed or printed. The transaction could show in the feed immediately and be changed from draft to final on cheque presentation; alternatively the feed entry could be used to stop the cheque. The signature could be digital (really just for show, since Monzo would already know about the cheque and could authenticate it on presentation trivially).


rarely happens and to prove that a friend of mine deposited a cheque paid out to Father Christmas and it went thru his bank with no objection or query


Ok, it’s supposed to be checked by the payee’s bank!

I’ve had my bank refuse to allow me to pay in a cheque due to the name not matching exactly. I’ve also had to re-write cheques to correct a name. I suspect it depends on the bank’s policy.

More importantly, I believe the bank is liable if they accept a cheque for deposit into an account with the wrong name, which makes fraudulent transactions easier to unwind when they occur. When you pay by Faster Payments etc. using a sort code and account number the account name is not checked at all.

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A surprisingly large number of people get their earnings paid by cheque (millions?). I can’t find the source for this now, but think it was in a report done for parliament a few years ago, after which the government dismissed phasing out cheques completely. And yes, cheques have certain properties (mentioned previously) that can sometimes be of use.

  • I occaisionally receive cheques from companies (utility and insurance refunds for example) despite not really wanting to have to deal with them
  • I sometimes, and rarely, write a cheque - the lack of limits is both a benefit and a risk.

I dare say it’s changed substantially since ‘a few years ago’, though I don’t have figures either.

When I first started work, people were paid in salt envelopes containing paper and metal. Every week.

Insane. :roll_eyes:

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