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(Craig Fisher) #24

I can confirm that the Barclays app allows you to do this - not just for Barclays cheques. One of my staff uses it. Also http://www.barclays.co.uk/MobileBankingservices/MobileChequeImaging/P1242668620764

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(Oliver Ford) #25

You’re quite right, I remember my last one was now - that I did on their surprisingly good (yay GDS!) new website.

My point stands though, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to receive a cheque from someone or some company, and I’d like to be able to pay it into Monzo.

It’s not mentioned on the ‘transparent product roadmap’, (DD, SO, and FP have their own cards separate to ‘launch full bank’) but I’d be surprised now that I come to think of it if it’s not a requirement of being ‘a bank’ in the same way that they need to support direct debits, standing orders, and faster payments?


Last time I needed to pay DVLA I rang them and they put me thru to a person who took my card details and charged it to a debit card

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(Samf ) #27

This would be a great feature. This is the only reason I usually have to go to the bank. I lived in Canada for a year and they have this on their current accounts and it was great.
Granted I only get a few cheques a year, usually from elderly relatives, but it would mean my money went straight to monzo instead of one of the big banks.

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(Terry) #28

This would be awesome! I rarely use cheques, I maybe receive one maybe once a year, but this would be a great way to pay them in :slight_smile:

(paul) #29

Don’t worry @OJFord you will be able to pay cheques into your Monzo current account! For now that will mean that you post cheques to Monzo HQ then we put them in the clearing system to collect payment.

So just what do you do when someone insists on a cheque
(Jolin) #30

Is this considered the solution to the situation since cheque use is rapidly declining, or is a better method (e.g. photo of cheque in app) likely to be developed eventually?


as cheque use rapidly declining and HMRC etc now sending refunds electronically instead of by cheque (when bank details given on self assessment and refunds to bank box ticked) this seems the best route to me rather than make the app bigger so it scans cheques that may not be around much longer

(Shamil Nunhuck) #32

My mortgage provider is giving me the option of cashing a cheque or a bank transfer with a £30+VAT fee… what should I go for?

(Alex Sherwood) #33

I would message the support team via the in-app chat. They might have a way for you to deposit the cheque..

(Shamil Nunhuck) #34

This might be an interest question for tomorrow :smiley:

(Hugh) #35

I use cheques a lot (especially for someone under the age of 20)! Most major banks allow you to cash in cheques at PostOffices which is a godsend if you live out in the stix like me. Monzo indicated in a tweet to me this might be a service they would provide…
After all, it is a fairly efficient way to provide some kind of counter service across the UK.

(Abe) #36

I get paid by cheque for refereeing games. Majority of clubs bank this way in our league and ideally i wish to bank those cheque with Monzo.
The season is approaching I am a little blank on how my current account will work with cheques? What is the official process?
The the imaging, for Cheques, I would love this process (and then follow up with a free post address) as we were able to confirm who we are when opening up our current accounts


I’ve paid a cheque into the Monzo CA…

Speak to support via in app chat, and send the cheque into them by mail.

They will process it, takes a while but it does work.

Will Monzo offer cheque books?
(Hugh) #38

I also understand Monzo have signed a contract with the PostOffice. I understand at the moment cash withdrawls are working, but hopefully soon you’ll be able to cash in money and cheques over the counter :+1:

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Someone posted the other day that PO withdrawals aren’t working…

(Hugh) #40

I know, but I think @tristan or @tom mentioned that they had made an agreement with the PO so obviously that is a start :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Abe) #41

Had a reply; the official process is posting the Cheque to - Customer Operations, Monzo, 230 City Road, London. EC1V 2QY. clearing is 5 days and a note with an email address is required.

As an idea; could we not still take a photo to assist in the process (may/ may not speed up). Then when the technology is there for photo processing it would have been apart of the function before? Plus with the photo element, this would tie up who the cheque came from (should they not send an email address) a notification can be send via the chat feature?

Will Monzo offer cheque books?
(Alex Sherwood) #43

I must have missed that :thinking:

(Hugh) #44

So did I! Have had confirmation of it through COPs over chat though :+1: They are looking at expanding to deposits.

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