Cheque imaging and misspelled names

I just got a refund from my old utility company (a whopping 33 pence :money_mouth_face:). They did manage to misspell my name by one letter: J Blorggs instead of J Bloggs.

Would this be an issue with cheque imaging? What details are they looking for when processing cheques?

I don’t believe the misspelling of a name will impact the validity of the cheque, but for 33p, I’d probably frame it on the wall. you can use cheque imaging through an alternative bank and the re-direct the money when it clears.

I believe it only looks for a valid account number and sort code from the originating bank. if there’s an issue with it, the app from whichever bank you use will tell you

Ah, that makes sense. To be honest I probably won’t bother scanning it in and will instead keep it somewhere in a drawer to laugh at in 20 years when I do a clear out.

High security thermal paper with watermarks and holographic elements and a £0.33 value

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Once I received a cheque from Barclays for £0.09. My remaining balance from closed bPay account :)) HSBC refused to accept it in app

bPay was ahead of it’s time

Cashier: Wow, you paid by fob?!