Cheese or beans

…on toast?

And toaster toast or grill toast? Or toasted first then grilled? Any other toppings?

Beans on toaster toast. No cheese, bit of brown sauce, bit of pepper. :ok_hand:

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Try pretoasting the bread, spread butter, then fried onion, then grill cheddar on top, with Henderson’s or something, heat up beans on top if desired, I’d do hot pepper sauce too, possibly with a smidge of ketchup

Cheese on toast. Lightly toast the bread first (on the grill if you’re doing it properly, in the toaster if you’re feeling lazy). But definitely has to be pre-toasted in some form or the bread is still soggy when the cheese is finished.

Sometimes Worcestershire sauce.

Never beans.

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Never beans

  • Lightly toast sliced bread :bread: in a toaster
  • Spread tomato ketchup thinly on lightly toasted bread
  • Place thinly sliced cheese :cheese: (Chedder or Red Leicester) onto lightly toasted, ketchup’d bread
  • Squirt Worcestershire sauce :hot_face: over cheese
  • Place in oven (180 degrees) for 10 minutes :fire:


My current favourite is:

  • Lightly toasted bread :bread:
  • Add chopped spring onions :onion:
  • Add mature cheddar :cheese:
  • Sprinkle a bit of paprika :yum:
  • In the oven for 6 minutes at 200 :hot_face:

Dry with a glass of water

Beans (with added white pepper and a splash of Hendos) AND cheese.

Sourdough toast.
Lashings of butter (Lurpak, preferably)
Hob-cooked beans (and reduced a tiny bit so they are thicc), with a dash of paprika + pepper.
Layered on toast as Beans; grated mature cheddar; more beans.

And if I’m feeling extra fancy, a shaving of parmesan on top.

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