Chat with us button not responding


I can see the Chat with us button in the app, but tapping the button doesn’t do anything. I’m in the middle of a large transaction request and wanted to check on progress so this is not ideal!

Has anyone else seen this?

Try uninstalling app and installing again, could just be a glitch where it’s just stuck for whatever reason.

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As a workaround,

If the Chat button isn’t there or not responding;

  • From the home screen, tap on ‘Help’
  • In the Help Search box, type ‘contact support’ and enter
  • A list of possibles, including ‘Contacting support’ should be shown - tap on it
  • The Contacting support details are shown. In the section ‘Chat with us’, tap on the ‘chat with us in the app’ link
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You can’t check on it as any messages sent while they are dealing with it aren’t seen.

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Thank you for the help everyone.

So this was a strange bug - I could find the button fine and tap it, and could access all the other ways to get to chat but could not open chat at all.

Thankfully quitting the app and restarting it was all it took to get it working again. So all sorted now.

When I did go back in after restarting there was a response waiting for me, so I now suspect trying to display the message got the app in this unresponsive state somehow.