Chase Bank UK Discussion

The first card I ever had with a chip in it (which I don’t think could be used for anything at the time), and the only one I ever had that was cloned (the restaurant where that happened later featured in a local TV news item about card fraud).

You could also choose how your name appeared, so a friend of mine had his name prefixed with Lord.


Egg and chips then :joy:

Sorry. Dad joke as my kids would say.

I’ll get my coat :sunglasses:


Another day, another version. Now v258


Here you go:


I wonder what would happen if we compared the contents of the Chase app to, say Monzo or Starling… :thinking:



Had a weird dream that Monzo had been stealthily acquired by JP Morgan and the 4.0 release was actually the Chase Launch.

Probably had too much cheese before bed.


I have an unhealthy addiction to Co-op’s three cheese bloomer and initially read this part as Cheese bread.

And this bit as Cheese Lunch.

Cheese is evil. But too delicious to quit.

Now I’m gonna dream about cheese! :cold_sweat:


Don’t give them idea’s

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Grabbed the android app. The options are login or join. Selecting join prompts to “click here” and there’s nothing to click. Asking for a code - no idea where the code will come from….:thinking:


Yeah, same here. It’s still not ‘live’ for the general public. Seems to be only for internal/selected testing. I’d expect it balloons when launched (next week?)

EDIT: just launched the app and the ‘join waitlist’ text isn’t there anymore. Changes afoot.


It’s not just me then :roll_eyes:

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<searches the App Store for “Chase”>



Starling are on the ball, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve trolled a competitor (in a friendly way) during a launch period.

Remember back when Monzo announced their name change from Mondo and they guessed the new name, so setup a funny website on a similar address to the official one?


To be fair to Starling though, this isn’t really that controversial or uncommon for competitors to purchase the ad space when searching for a brand name.

And I’ve just searched for Chase and had an ad for ‘Cashplus Bank’ which I’ve never heard of.

A few other checks -

Starling had an ad for Tide
Monzo - an ad for ‘Zumo’ (crypto currency)
HSBC - an ad for Natwest
Natwest → Revolut
First Direct → HSBC (interesting infighting there :slight_smile:


I actually know someone who works for cash plus. I had not heard of them either until he started working there.

Ona side point I notice monzo has 65k ratings but starling has 245k which seems very fishy given monzo has over 5m customer and starling is a million and a bit. It means 1/5 of their customers of all time rated them and that’s not even covering the android iOS split.
Very weird…


On Android, Starling has 56k reviews in the Google Play Store and Monzo has 61k.

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Starling possibly ask for reviews :man_shrugging:t3:

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I’ve just finished a survey which asked my opinion on an advert for Chase’s new current account and it looked like a finished product. The rate was given in the voiceover so this will give it scope to be varied but in it it stated that it would offer 1% cashback on ‘everyday’* debit card spending for the first twelve months. *“Exclusions apply”

The rest was similar to what has already been posted, about how it will be app based, your card won’t have a number on it but instead it will be available in the app, it’ll have a call centre where you can quickly speak to a human and not have to deal with robots.

(Not me obviously)


I had All the Questions before you fixed your quotes :joy: