Chase Bank UK Discussion

Shiny. Launch soon.

I’ve been testing out 3DS and I’ve a small complaint that the notification gets to my phone after I’ve picked it up… but the interface looks nice!


Their signup flow looks suspiciously like Starlings…


To be fair there can’t be that many ways to organise a sign up flow for a mobile bank.


It’s just material UI. A lot of apps have onboarding flows that look like that on Android.

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It looks… underwhelming.

I really don’t like the block blue and white. Hopefully the finished product will look slicker.

This still stands:

… but not quite as nice looking.

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I hope it’s better than the US app, because that has some lousy reviews.

Have some people managed to install the UK android app, as I can’t? Probably more to do with my version of android.

We need a teardown! (@nexusmaniac, @davidwalton!)


Not going to lie, but how are any of you really judging the app from those pictures? It looks pretty standard so far and it will obviously be white and blue considering those are the brand’s colours and almost everything has block colours in their apps.


I’ve only got v1.0.0 of the Chase app, so can’t compare versions yet.

Could try a full feature-flag/strings/ID’s dump though?


I’m curious what could be overwhelming from the limited images we have? Also there really can only be limited ways to sign up for a bank account given there will be things legally required.


Looks like they’re protecting the app from rooted/jailbroken devices, but I’ve got some data out of it.


I got the app installed on my Pixel 4a, but there’s no way to join the wait list, not even sure it’s meant to be there, someone probably messed up


Same here, looks like they need to enable a flag on the back end… :slight_smile:


I’d be super interested in joining them though. Maybe i’d shut down or CASS my virgin money account over to them, cause honestly their app is shit on both iOS and Android. it’s not very pleasing to the eye

I’d laugh if Chase has a dark mode though


Not exactly a teardown as such, but a dump of the usual giveaway areas as a starting point (the links go through to the teardown files in my GDrive):

There’s not much given away, as there is only one version at the mo, which seems very sparse. Going off the Strings, the current v1.0.0 app only has the sign-up flow in there. I guess they can get people on board via the waitlist and then release the full app later.


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Personally, I’m not expecting anything too unique, but I am expecting what they have done to be done well, and if something does go wrong, very good customer service. They have built this from scratch so hopefully, everything is of high quality.

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I wonder what services they’ll offer or if it’ll just be current accounts at first
Would he nice to see credit cards and nutmeg from the get go

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The weird thing is my USA friends all hate their banks including Chase, I am not sure why we are expecting good things, its not like they are AMEX.