Chase Bank UK Discussion

I don’t know anyone who would want to sign up. Oh well :man_shrugging:

How does the link carry through the referral as won’t it direct them to download the app then lose the referral?

It must remember somehow, similar to Monzo maybe where you register your number somewhere.

Partner tried it just now and it directed to the App Store after a quick pass through the web browser.

Must be able to track somewhere, or asks them through signup to tap their link again or add the referral code.

Probably lol she will take the whole £40

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I mentioned the offer and my wife said - so I get £40 for opening a bank account?


Hi there I’ve just joined chase!

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You need to transfer the cash back!!

A pretty easy win on both sides, will be looking to participate in this.

My parents joined it via me telling them to! missed out on the #money

It’d be good for Monzo to have an icon in the Payment section for Chase bank :frowning_face: Especially as visual confirmation I got the sort code correct :joy:

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Chase now advertising on Amazon devices.


I might have to get the husband to open a chase account :grin: What does adding to my “rewards balance” mean? Is it actual cash that I can take or points like an Amex?


It’s actual cash you can instantly transfer to your main account.


Fab thank you :blush:


A fellow Tivimate user, hello :smiley:

Hello! Although I haven’t used it in months!

Plex does all my VOD and Kodi handles my sport!

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I suspect they’re struggling with all the new customers - 3 hours later and no reply to my chat message.

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I mean 3 hours with some banks would be amazing :joy:

but of course it was never going to remain within minutes, but for the most part people don’t need absolutely instant, but just fairly prompt responses.

I agree - the existing model isn’t sustainable.

There’s clearly something amiss though; my OH signed up on Thursday, and it’s been stuck on verifying since then. She gets notifications through the app telling her they need more info from her, but when she taps them it takes her to the verifying info screen.

There’s no chat option either, so she can call - or call but nobody is answering the phone either.

Guess their referral scheme is popular :joy:

Seems that way!

If you need manually verifying there’s a significant delay.

When things aren’t grown organically customer service is always the first thing to take the hit, and it rarely if ever recovers. Hopefully this is just a result of an influx and they’ll be back to normal levels afterwards, otherwise that’s yet another bank going the ways of Monzo and Starling.

One thing I loved about N26 is they never hit this point. So support was always responsive and engaging. That never faltered.

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