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Is it actually David Tennant or just a sound-a-like?

Can’t remember if they ever confirmed it one way or the other Twitter, but a lot of folks are certain it’s him.

You’d think if it was him, they’d be be boasting and emphasising it.

David Tennant is how they get you though. When I showed the tv advert to my brother a while ago, he didn’t care about anything (he’s not into this fintech/banking stuff) until he realised they got David Tennant. Then he signed up. He’s only ever had one bank account, and has been reluctant to sign up for and try others.


I’ve heard that Chase ad on several streaming radio stations. It sounds like David Tennant slightly speeded up so that the voice-over fits into the allotted ad time.


I’m in the queue for the chase octagon now. Has anyone been in before


You might be the first around these parts! Do report back what it’s like!


What’s the atmosphere in the queue? Fintech enthusiasts?!

It was just random people in the queue. I went in and chose relaxing as my theme. I did some meditation. The chair I was sat on in the octagon span around. I Received a token when I left then put it into a slot. It then was a falling coin on a screen.

It either lands on £5 £100 or £1000

I got £5 in this:


Thanks for sharing!


Just spent the £5 gift card in H&M :joy:
Was alright considering I had to sit there. Hopefully Chase Octagon is in a town near you soon

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Seeing adverts all around Bristol for Chase atm - showed up on the bus stop screen just a min ago - obviously with the 1% cashback as the main selling point!


I’m using it for Amazon Christmas shopping for the 3% cashback.
Honestly I like it. It’s clean and simple.


I was pretty impressed with the process of opening an account with Chase until it came to the point where I wanted to use my preferred name- I’m unable to do so!

They got very confused about the difference between preferred and legal, to the point where they insisted that I could only use my preferred name if I provided official ID such as my driving licence- which is all in my legal name.

Is there any regulation around this or do I just have to accept the fact that I need to close my account?

Love the fact that Monzo set it up for me no problem - all other accounts I hold have this and there’s no issue with credit reporting etc.

Rant over, thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I’ve never had to have a different name on anything so I can’t really speak for what is legal and what’s not or the implications of it.

There is a Chase thread though - might be worth popping this in there!

There is a big Chase thread

Paging @AlanDoe to meeeerrrrgggeeee


Nah, chase fail to use legal name too.

Who needs @AlanDoe :grimacing:


Does it really matter? You have to use your legal name on your passport and driving licence. If a bank requires you to use your legal name rather than your preferred name, what difference does it make? Of course you can choose to close your account, but I’d base that decision on whether or not the account meets your needs rather than what name it has to be in.


Chase do give you some pretty nice options for how you want your name displayed on the card as well, which is a nice touch. Perhaps not as progressive as Monzo, but in my view if your preferred name was that important, you’d make it your legal name.

If it’s just a personal thing, it’s probably best to keep it personal, which means not associating it with your bank at all. When the payee name verification thing came into effect, it created an awkward dialogue between my brother and our not so progressively minded grandparents at his last birthday when they were trying to send him money and their bank warned them the name didn’t match.




Did this go through by any chance?